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Secretariat Issues Resubmission and No-Go Notices Related to Requests for Continued Funding
GFO Issue 207

Secretariat Issues Resubmission and No-Go Notices Related to Requests for Continued Funding


David Garmaise

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ABSTRACT The Global Fund Secretariat has given notice that it plans to issue two resubmission recommendations and one No-Go recommendation in response to requests for continued funding.

The Global Fund has given notice that it plans to recommend that two applicants re-submit their requests for continued funding, and that a third request for continued funding be turned down.

With respect to the resubmission notices, the applicants are the country coordinating mechanism (CCM) from Guyana, regarding the renewal of a Round 3 HIV grant; and the regional coordinating mechanism for South Asia, regarding the renewal of a Round 9 multi-country HIV grant.

The Global Fund Secretariat has notified the Board of its decision; it will notify the applicants and explain the reasons for its decision to the applicants. Once they receive the notice from the Secretariat, the applicants have four weeks to comment on the reasons advanced by the Secretariat. The Secretariat will consider the comments before deciding whether to formally submit a resubmission recommendation to the Board.

The Secretariat does not publicly divulge its reasons for issuing such notices. However, usually, the Secretariat will issue a re-submission notice if it believes that the programmes covered by the grant are not having sufficient impact – and if it believes that the request for continued funding does not include reprogramming or other changes in implementation arrangements that would address the problem.

Notice of intent to issue a No-Go recommendation is being provided to the Guinea-Bissau CCM with respect to its request for continued funding for a Round 8 health systems strengthening grant. In Global Fund parlance, “No-Go” means that the Secretariat believes that the grant should not be renewed. As with the resubmission recommendations, notice of the No-Go recommendation and the reasons for the recommendation are given to the applicant, which then has four weeks to respond.

The notices were provided to the Board in the reports of the Grants Renewals Panel for November and December 2012. These reports are considered public once the Board has voted on requests for decisions contained in the reports. The resubmission and No-Go notices did not involve a board decision. Reports of the Grant Renewals Panel are not available on the Global Fund website.

After considering the November and December reports, the Board approved requests for continued funding from 28 applicants, representing a total cost of $610 million.

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