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Data Analytics

Aidspan has developed a series of data tools to view, analyze and share data from the Global Fund’s grant portfolios. These tools are for both internal and external users – anyone who has interest in the work of the global fund to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria. Data are displayed in an intuitive manner to communicate information such as the progress and scope of different grants, classified by country, region, principal recipient and other categories. Aidspan believes that efficient data management by the global fund will help all stakeholders to better understand the policies, programs and grants in place at the global level and in their countries. By providing these intuitive tools that paint clear pictures of the grants, Aidspan is providing a platform of information that will help all stakeholders at all levels ask better-informed questions in order to participate in constructive dialogue about the Global Fund. Aidspan is continually updating and expanding its complement of tools to help improve understanding of the Global Fund. We see these tools as critical to proving the impact of our work as the leading independent monitor of the Global Fund.

This page explains the background and methodology used to create Aidspan’s Global Fund Grants pages. Each Global Fund grant is divided into multiple 3-month or 6-month periods. At the end of each period, the principal recipient (PR) sends to the Fund a “Progress Update” (PU) reporting on the PR’s performance during the period just completed, together with a “Disbursement Request” (DR) for a future period. The PU is supposed to be backed by evidence that earlier disbursements have been effectively used and have achieved the results that were promised in the grant agreement.


This is the cumulative amount of money that the Global Fund has agreed that the PR may – and should – spend on activities funded by the grant.


This is the cumulative amount of money that the Global Fund has disbursed for expenditure by the PR on activities to be funded by the grant.


This is the cumulative amount of money that the PR reports it has actually spent on activities to be funded by the grant.