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Gender strategy and equality; ending TB; and measuring homophobia
GFO Issue 333

Gender strategy and equality; ending TB; and measuring homophobia


Aidspan staff

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ABSTRACT In this “OF INTEREST” roundup, we highlight a news article on a gender strategy developed by the Gates Foundation; a commentary on gender in The Lancet; a commentary on ending TB; and a new index to measure homophobia.

Below, we provide information on four items that we believe will interest our readers.

The Gates Foundation launches $170M gender strategy

Author: Catherine Cheney, Devex, 5 March

The author writes that the strategy, a first for the Gates Foundation, aims to transform how women participate in economies around the world.


Owning up on gender equality

Author: Richard Horton, The Lancet, 17 March

In a commentary, the author writes, “There are moments to admit failure. Gender equality is one of those moments.”


A historic chance to end tuberculosis

Authors: Lucica Ditiu and Peter Sands, Thomas Reuters Foundation News, 13 March

The authors write that in September, heads of state have a unique opportunity to raise their game and decisively shift the trajectory of the disease with the United Nations General Assembly High-Level Meeting on TB.


Measuring homophobia to improve the lives of all

UNAIDS, 8 March

This post describes a new index to measure levels of homophobia that can show the impact that homophobia has on countries.


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