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Appointments announced for two Board committees: AEC and SIIC
GFO Issue 239

Appointments announced for two Board committees: AEC and SIIC


David Garmaise

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New call for nominations issued for the FOPC

ABSTRACT Appointments for the next two years to the Audit and Ethics and the Strategy, Investment and Impact committees were announced and approved. A new call for nominations was issued for the Finance and Operational Performance Committee.


The Global Fund Board approved the appointment of new members for two-year terms on the the Audit and Ethics Committee (AEC) and the Strategy, Investment and Impact Committee (SIIC). Insufficient nominations to the Finance and Operational Performance Committee (FOPC) resulted in a reopening of the process.

Nominations and approval for membership of the AEC was fairly straightforward, but discussions around the SIIC’s composition through 2016 were ongoing in the hallways and among various delegations throughout the 6-7 March meeting of the Board in Jakarta. A paucity of qualified nominees for the FOPC resulted in the decision by the Board leadership to reopen the nominations process, and conduct a shortened cycle with an eye towards seating the committee before 1 May.

Audit and Ethics Committee

The AEC seats eight, with three seats reserved for members of Board delegations (including the vice-chair) and five for non-Board delegations from independent institutions. Four returning external members will remain for a final two-year term: Graham Jocelyne (chair), Mohammed Abdellatif, Gabor Amon and Wendy Harrison.

The fifth external seat, replacing Veronica Charlesworth, will be filled by the Board’s chair and vice-chair from a pool of candidates reviewed in first quarter 2012 and should be seated by 1 May. Charlesworth has agreed to remain on the committee until her replacement is seated.

Board delegates joining the committee are Christopher Kassami from the Eastern and Southern Africa delegation. At its meeting in November 2013, the Board had already appointed Claude Rubinowicz (from the France delegation) to the position of vice-chair as well as Marc De Santis of the Canada/Switzerland delegation to fill the third seat for a Board delegation.

For more information about the AEC report to the Board, please see article here.

Strategy, Impact and Investment Committee

Ten of the 16 seats on the SIIC are reserved for voting members of Board delegations. An additional six seats are reserved for non-voting members, including: the chair and vice-chair; two representative from partner organizations; and the chairs of the Technical Review Panel (TRP) and Technical Evaluation Reference Group (TERG). Membership in the SIIC is for two years for all but the representatives of TRP and TERG.

There was a preponderance of nominations for the SIIC due to its central role in the decision-making and agenda setting for the Global Fund. Both prior to and on the margins of the Board meeting, Aidspan understands that there were intensive discussion sessions between and among delegations to steer the nominations process to ensure that all constituencies would be well-represented among the committee’s members.

Appointments announced by the Board leadership and approved to join chair David Stevenson (Canada/Australia) and vice-chair Anita Asiimwe (Eastern and Southern Africa), who had been appointed in November 2013 during the 30th Board meeting, were:

Aida Kurtovic – Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Vinand Nantulya – Eastern and Southern Africa

Abdalla Osman – Eastern Mediterranean

Mirta Roses – Latin America and the Caribbean

Asia Russell – Developed Country NGOs

Helga Fogstad – Point 7 (Sweden, Denmark, Luxembourg, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway)

Jason Lane – UK/Australia

Julia Martin – USA

Philippe Meunier – France

Jan Paehler – European Commission (Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Spain)

Non-voting representatives from the partners constituency appointed for two-year terms were Lucica Ditiu of STOP TB and Mbulawa Mugabe of UNAIDS.

Finance and Operational Performance Committee

A shortage of candidates qualified to join the 10-member FOPC necessitated an extension of the nominations window for the committee. Nominations for candidature are due by 26 March, with an aim to be seated by 1 May. Those qualified candidates who were already nominated will be retained until this time. The chair and vice-chair of the Board will present recommendations for the 10 voting seats to the full Board by 15 April.

At its meeting in November 2013, the Board had already appointed Soltan Mammadov (Eastern Europe and Central Asia delegation) as chair and Jason Lawrence (US delegation) as vice-chair of the FOPC. These are non-voting positions.

Information for this article came from the Boards Decisions document, available at

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