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GFO Issue 304



David Garmaise

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Article Number: 10

ABSTRACT This article provides an overview of the resources related to applying for funding available on the Global Fund’s website.

A new 81-page Modular Framework Handbook is one of many resources available to applicants on the Global Fund website.

The modular approach is used by the Global Fund to organize programmatic and financial information about each grant throughout its life cycle, from the initial funding request through grant-making and implementation. The handbook includes the core list of indicators for each component; a list of modules and interventions for applicants to choose from; and an illustrative list of activities.

In the last funding cycle, this information was spread over separate information notes for each component.

The handbook is on a page entitled “Applicant Resources” at, along with an overview of the 2017-2019 funding cycle; frequently asked questions on topics such as the 2017-2019 allocations, and the register of unfunded quality demand; four core information notes, one for each component; and a series of technical briefs on topics – such as differentiated care for HIV and TB; malaria case management in the private sector; strategic support for human resources for health; and harm reduction for people who use drugs.

On a separate page, at, the Fund has posted forms that applicants will need to fill out for full, tailored and program continuation funding requests, as well as instructions for completing the forms. That page also lists core documents – such as the funding landscape table and programmatic gap tables that need to be completed for both full and tailored funding requests at the time of the funding request.

Note: (1) The program continuation request template is not published on the website. All those invited to apply via program continuation were sent the template with their allocation letter. (2) The core documents also need to be completed by program continuation applicants, but not until grant-making.

Some of the resources are currently available in English only, while others are available in several languages –­ i.e. English, French, Spanish and Russian. All application materials will be available in these four languages.

Country teams are sharing the applicants’ resources with applicants directly as and when needed.

Interested parties should check these pages regularly because FAQs will be updated, additional language versions will be posted, and additional resources will be added. For example, the Secretariat has informed Aidspan that an applicant’s handbook is being finalized now and should be published shortly.


Applicants may also consult iLearn, the Global Fund’s online learning platform. It contains many different courses, including one on “Understanding the Differentiated Funding Application Process.” This course is currently available in English, French and Spanish. A Russian version will be ready shortly.

Many of the online courses have been updated recently. As well, there is a new course on “Sustainability and Transition.”

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