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Notification of Round 10 TRP Recommendations
GFO Issue 134

Notification of Round 10 TRP Recommendations


Bernard Rivers

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ABSTRACT Round 10 applicants will not be formally notified of what the Technical Review Panel (TRP) recommended concerning their specific proposals until after the Board meeting on 13-15 December, when they will be informed of the Board’s actual decision.

In the article “TRP Recommends for Approval 89 Round 10 Proposals; Total 2-Year Cost is $1.76B,” in GFO 133, we incorrectly stated that individual applicants should be informed shortly of what the Technical Review Panel (TRP) has recommended to the Board regarding their specific proposals. In fact, this “early notification” will not be sent. Applicants will have to wait until shortly after the Global Fund Board’s meeting on 13-15 December 2010, at which point they will be informed of the Board’s actual decision (which, historically, has always been the same as the TRP recommendation). This follows the same pattern that was used for Round 9. In Round 8, exceptionally, applicants were notified of the TRP recommendation prior to the Board meeting.

GFO apologises for any confusion caused by this error.

For applications from CCMs, the notification letter containing the TRP recommendation will be sent to the full CCM membership, using the email addresses that were provided in the application.

Editor’s Note: In our opinion, not informing applicants of the TRP’s recommendation is a most unfortunate policy. The TRP recommendations will be included in papers sent to Board members prior to Board meetings. Therefore, the recommendations will be known prior to the Board meeting by all countries that are Board members and, in most cases, by other countries that are members of Board delegations; but they will not be known by others. The approach used in Round 8 should be used for all rounds, including Round 10.

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