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GFO Issue 325



David Garmaise

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ABSTRACT This article provides a summary of the main decisions made by the Global Fund Board at its 38th meeting in Geneva, Switzerland on 14-15 November 2017.

On 14-15 November 2017, the Global Fund Board held its 38th meeting in Geneva, Switzerland. GFO was present, with observer status. The main decisions made at the meeting, in chronological order, were as follows. (For precise wording of what the Board agreed, see the decision points document that is available at Background documentation will also, in time, be posted by the Global Fund at the same location.)

Appointment of the E.D. The Board appointed Peter Sands to the executive director position for a four-year term. See GFO article[See Decision Point 3.]

Recognition of Dr Marijke Wijnroks. The Board expressed its sincere thanks to Dr Wijnroks for her leadership of the Global Fund as Interim Executive Director. It cited her work implementing the Global Fund Strategy 2017-2022 while overseeing a tremendous volume of grant-making; and her ongoing work to prepare for arrival of the incoming E.D. Prior to her leadership as Interim E.D., Wijnroks was Chief of Staff from 2013 to 2017 and, before that, Board member for the Point Seven Constituency. Throughout this time, the Board said, her passion for the organization’s mission, her commitment and her unwavering optimism have inspired many. [See Decision Point 4.]

Non-voting seat on the Board for new donors. The Board has converted an existing non-voting seat on the Board to one to be used by a representative of public donors who have contributed at least $10 million for 2017-2019. Further details are provided in a separate article in this issue. [See Decision Point 5.]

2018 OPEX budget and work plan. The Board approved the 2018 operating expenses budget in the amount of $312.0 million. This includes $15.92 million for the Office of the Inspector General and an exceptional one-time expense of up to $12.0 million related to the Global Fund’s investment in the Global Health Campus infrastructure. The Board re-affirmed its agreement to stay within a $900.0 million ceiling for 2017-2019. The Board also approved the 2018 Corporate Work Plan and Budget Narrative. Further details are provided in a separate article in this issue. [See Decision Point 6.]

Resource mobilization. The Board asked its new Executive Director to develop a framework for a Resource Mobilization Action Plan (2018-2019), in consultation with partners and the Audit and Finance Committee. The Board asked that the plan be ready for the 39th meeting of the Board (on 9-10 May 2018), and that a detailed and fully costed plan be provided to the relevant committees in June 2018. [See Decision Point 7.]

KPI performance targets. The Board approved performance targets for key performance indicators 3, 6a i, 6a ii, 6b, 6e and 12b. The Board noted that the target for KPI 12b will be reviewed in the first quarter of 2018. The Board agreed to postpone its review and approval of the target for KPI 6a iii until such time as a baseline is available. The Global Fund now has very close to a full set of targets for the KPIs. Further details are provided in a separate article in this issue. [See Decision Point 8.]

Policy to combat fraud and corruption. The Board approved a formal Policy to Combat Fraud and Corruption, and directed the Executive Director to develop an implementation plan and to periodically report to the Board through the Ethics and Governance Committee (EGC) on its implementation. The Board gave the Executive Director and the Inspector General the authority to approve exceptions to the policy in their respective jurisdictions. It directed that the Executive Director and the Inspector General prepare appropriate and regular reports to the EGC and the Audit and Finance Committee on the exercise of the authority delegated under this decision point. The Board said that the authority delegated to the Executive Director and the Inspector General will expire once the Board has adopted the framework the Board has asked the Secretariat to develop in Decision Point 7 from the 37th Board meeting. (In that decision, the Board asked the Secretariat to develop a framework to guide future considerations of investments with development partners.) [See Decision Point 9.]

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