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GFO Issue 28



Bernard Rivers

Article Type:
Board decision

Article Number: 1

ABSTRACT At the Global Fund board meeting that took place in Geneva on June 28-30, decisions were taken regarding Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs), proposals and grants, governance, resource mobilization, and a number of other matters.

This issue of GFO is devoted entirely to decisions made at the Global Fund board meeting that took place in Geneva on June 28-30. The Fund holds three board meetings per year. This was the eighth such meeting.

Board Decisions Regarding CCMs

  1. CCM recommendations. The board discussed a series of proposed “requirements” and “recommendations” regarding CCM composition and working methods. However, in the course of an animated debate, the board decided to change all of the “requirements” to “recommendations”.

Board Decisions Regarding Proposals and Grants

  1. Round 4 approved. The board approved all Round 4 grants that the TRP recommended.
  2. Round 5. The board asked the Secretariat to begin preparations for Round 5. (However, there was no discussion about when Round 5 will be launched; nor was there any discussion of the fact that it could be some years before there will be enough money for Round 5.)
  3. Eligibility. The board agreed that in future rounds, applications from Lower Middle Income and Upper Middle Income countries must show that specified percentages of the cost of the projects for which Global Fund support is being requested will be covered by the country out of domestic resources.
  4. Grant renewals. The board agreed on procedures that will be followed in the event that there is not enough money to pay for grant renewals.
  5. Un-signed grant agreements. The board agreed that for Round 3 and later, if a proposal is agreed by the board but a grant agreement is not signed within a specified period of time, the approval of the proposal will be revoked.
  6. Malaria grants. The board assigned up to $90 million to allow recipients of malaria grants to change to new, more expensive artemisinin-based combination therapy.

Board Decisions Regarding Governance

  1. “Communities” vote. The “Communities” board delegation, which represents people living with the three diseases, was granted the vote. (Previously, that delegation participated in all board discussions but did not have a vote.)

Board Decisions Regarding Resource Mobilization

  1. In-kind donations. After lengthy discussion, the board failed to agree on any procedures whereby the Fund will accept in-kind donations.
  2. Future financial needs. The board did not discuss, except through the occasional passing comment, the Fund’s future financial needs.

Other Matters

  1. Technical assistance. The board agreed to set up a new committee to review issues related to technical assistance.
  2. Staffing levels. Staffing levels will be increased to 118.
  3. Euro grants. Future grants can be in Euros as an alternative to dollars.
  4. Board approval of grant renewals. The board may play a role in approving grant renewals.

The Global Fund has posted at its web site many of the papers that were used as input working documents for this board meeting, and will shortly post the precise wording of all resolutions passed. These documents can be accessed at

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