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GFO Issue 167



David Garmaise

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ABSTRACT The Global Fund Board has adopted new five-year Strategy.

Strategy contains five strategic objectives and 14 strategic actions

The Global Fund Board has adopted a new Strategy which sets the direction for the organisation for the next five years.

Unlike previous strategies, the Strategy 2012-2016 contains goals and targets. There are two goals, as follows: (1) 10 million lives saved over 2012-2016; and (2) 140-180 million new infections prevented over 2012-2016. The targets, to be achieved by 2016, are described in Table 1.

Table 1: Strategy 2012-2016 Targets

Disease Target
HIV/AIDS 7.3 million people on antiretrovirals (by 2016)
TB 4.6 million DOTS treatments (annually)
21 million DOTS treatments (between 2012-2016)
Malaria 90 million LLINs distributed (annually)
390 million LLINs distributed (between 2012-2016)

DOTS = Directly observed treatments (short course)

LLIN = Long-lasting insecticide-treated bed nets

Note: Both the goals and the targets refer to programmes supported by the Global Fund (and not to the share of these programmes financed by the Global Fund alone).

Development of the Strategy began at the beginning of 2011 and included widespread consultations with stakeholders. It was developed on a parallel track with other major planning initiatives, include the Comprehensive Reform Plan, the Governance Reform Initiative and the Consolidated Transformation Plan.

The Strategy contains five Strategic Objectives and 14 Strategic Actions, as shown in Table 2.

Each of the strategic actions is described in the Strategy Document. Many of these actions are reflected in the Consolidated Transformation Plan adopted at the Board meeting in Accra. (See Article 2 above.)

The Strategy also contains two “Strategic Enablers” which the Global Fund says are necessary for the Strategy to deliver results: (1) enhance partnerships; and (2) transform to improve global governance, operations and fiduciary controls.

The new Strategy, Investment and Impact Committee (SIIC) will oversee implementation of the Strategy.

Table 2: Strategy 2012-2016 Objectives and Actions

Strategic Objectives Strategic Actions
1. Invest more strategically. 1.1 Focus on the highest-impact countries, interventions and populations while keeping the Global Fund global.
1.2 Fund based on national strategies and through national systems.
1.3 Maximize the impact of Global Fund investments on strengthening health systems.
1.4 Maximize the impact of Global Fund investments on improving the health of mothers and children.
2. Evolve the funding model. 2.1 Replace the rounds system with a more flexible and effective model.
2.2 Facilitate the strategic refocusing of existing investments.
3. Actively support grant implementation success. 3.1 Actively manage grants based on impact, value for money and risk.
3.2 Enhance the quality and efficiency of grant implementation.
3.3 Make partnerships work to improve grant implementation.
4. Promote and protect human rights. 4.1 Integrate human rights considerations throughout the grant cycle.
4.2 Increase investments in programs that address human rights-related barriers to access.
4.3 Ensure that the Global Fund does not support programs that infringe human rights.
5. Sustain the gains, mobilise resources. 5.1 Increase the sustainability of Global Fund-supported programs.
5.2 Attract additional funding from current and new sources.

The Global Fund Strategy 2012-2016 should be available shortly at Look for GF/B25/7.

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