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Global Fund Provides Update on the Transition to the New Funding Model
GFO Issue 207

Global Fund Provides Update on the Transition to the New Funding Model


David Garmaise

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Some new funding may be provided in 2013 through grant reprogramming, renewals and extensions

ABSTRACT The Global Fund Secretariat has provided its civil society partners with an update on the transition to the new funding model. Among other things, the Secretariat said that in 2013 some new funding may be provided through grant reprogramming, renewals and extensions.

On 21 December, the Global Fund Secretariat sent an email to its civil society partners providing an update on plans for the new funding model (NFM). The Secretariat said that countries will move into the NFM at different times, depending on their circumstances. Regardless of when they make the move, the Secretariat said, countries are expected to get a head start by strengthening their national strategies and enhancing the capabilities of existing and potential principal recipients to manage grants.

As previously announced, the Secretariat will invite a select number of applicants to participate in the transition phase early in 2013, based on whether they are significantly underfunded over the 2013–2014 period, at risk of service disruption, and positioned to achieve rapid impact – and whether, collectively, they constitute a diverse portfolio. From among these applicants, some CCMs will be invited to submit concept notes which, if approved for funding, would result in new grants being created.

In addition, according to the Secretariat, some current implementers of grants will receive new funding in 2013 through an existing process (i.e. reprogramming, renewals or extensions of grants) if they meet the criteria outlined above, and if sufficient funding is available. For the majority of implementers, the first opportunity to move into the NFM will be after the Replenishment Conference in September 2013, once the Secretariat knows how much money will be available for the period 2014–2016.

The Secretariat said that the transition phase of the NFM will be formally launched some time before the end of the first quarter of 2013.

In its update, the Secretariat said that on 25–26 January, the Communities Delegation of the Board will host a meeting to allow networks that represent key affected populations to discuss questions and concerns regarding the NFM.

The update also revealed that at the time of the launch:

  • the Secretariat will disseminate guidance materials on the NFM, and will organize a teleconference to brief the civil society constituencies on the Board; and
  • the Secretariat and partner organisations will organise regional meetings for grant implementers and civil society organisations to explain how the NFM will work.

Prior to the next Board meeting, scheduled for June 2013, the Secretariat will provide a written update on the transition to the NFM, including a description of lessons learned, and will organise a briefing for the three civil society constituencies on the Board. The Secretariat will repeat this process prior to the Replenishment Conference scheduled for September 2013.

See also the announcement “Information on NFM Posted on Global Fund Website,” on GFO Live.

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