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Global Fund Observer Editorial
GFO Issue 410

Global Fund Observer Editorial


Aidspan Editorial Team

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Editor's Note

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All steam ahead for the Investment Case launch

ABSTRACT Our editorial team’s summary of what you can expect from this issue of the Global Fund Observer.

Dear subscribers

This issue it’s all about the Global Fund’s Seventh Replenishment Preparatory Meetings (Increase funding or abandon hope of ending malaria, TB and AIDS”) and the launch of the Investment Case (The Global Fund Investment Case: Is it enough?).  As well as a summary of the events of the Preparatory Meetings, we explain why domestic financing for health is so high on the agenda — so important that the African Union General Assembly Bureau Heads of States of five African countries have launched the meetings.

You will remember that just before Christmas we took a light-hearted look at Global Fundspeak.  We decided to apply the same eagle eyes to the numerous Global Fund policies which over the years have become increasingly hard to digest, as funding requests and grant applications have themselves become more complex. There is enough material here for many, many articles but we have started with the Operation Policy Manual Part I, with more to follow (Getting to Grips with the Global Fund Operational Policy Manual). Read, enjoy and feel sorry for our Secretariat colleagues and country stakeholders who have to contend with this…

The issue of Global Fundspeak is also continued in Article 5 about three key common langauge convolutions so beloved of the Global Fund (Do Global Fund catalytic investments promote a resilient health system based on improving community systems?).

Article 6 looks at two regions’ community experiences of applying for C19RM funding (Stories from the field: Community engagement in the C19RM response mechanism) and how leveraging the Community, Rights and Gender Strategic Initiative has led to more meaningful engagement of civil society in the process.

We also tell you about the Global Week of Action launched this week, 7 to 11 March, by the Global Fund Advocacy Network and partners as they attempt to raise awareness and money for the Seventh Replenishment.  In a later issue we will bring you regional experiences as we look at how this was rolled out in various countries.

And please do provide Likes (or Dislikes) and Comments under the articles: without feedback, we cannot improve or give you more (or less) of what you want (or don’t want).

If you enjoy the GFO and find it relevant to your work, please encourage your colleagues to subscribe! You can contact ida.hakizinka@ for any comments and/or queries.

Aidspan EditorialTeam

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