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Funding of CCM Secretariats
GFO Issue 43

Funding of CCM Secretariats


Bernard Rivers

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Article Number: 4

ABSTRACT The Board decided that under certain circumstances, it is acceptable to finance the costs of a CCM Secretariat out of Global Fund grants.

The Board decided that when funding from partners cannot be found to pay the costs of operating a CCM Secretariat, it will be acceptable to finance the Secretariat out of Global Fund grants for up to two years, subject to certain conditions. (This was felt to be necessary because in the past, a lack of such funding has often led to PRs and/or Ministries of Health performing the CCM Secretariat function, which has led in turn to conflicts of interest and/or excessive government influence over CCM activities.)

The conditions imposed by the Board regarding such funding were as follows:

“1. Eligible costs shall be limited to the following items:

  • Salary of staff. (Number of staff to be supported will be determined by size of grant and number of components)
  • Office administrative costs (phone, fax, postage, stationary, photocopy)
  • CCM meeting costs, including travel cost for CCM for non-governmental members (up to 6 meetings per year)
  • Communication and information dissemination costs for sharing key information (e.g., call for proposals, periodic reports of implementation status, minutes of meetings) which may include the costs of establishing and updating of website or newsletter.
  • Facilitation costs associated with constituency consultation and processes to promote stakeholder participation.
  • Translations of key information to promote participation by all stakeholders.

2. The size of grants and the number of components overseen by a CCM will be used as criteria to determine the total amount of its eligible funding.

3. Funded costs must be consistent with national salary scales and local operating costs.

4. The proposal must include a sustainability plan for financial support to the CCM after the first two years of grant support.

5. The proposal should show co-finance or in-kind support from in-country partners.

6. Disbursement and activity reports of CCM support funding must be provided to the Global Fund on an agreed periodic basis. These reports will be subject to LFA review and verification.”

The board resolution did not specify a financial cap. However, during the discussion it appeared that board members were thinking that no more than $35,000 to $50,000 should be taken out of grants to pay for a CCM Secretariat over the permitted two-year period.

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