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GFO Issue 393



Arlette Campbell White

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Editor's Note

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ABSTRACT The GFO’s new Editor

This edition of the Global Fund Observer (GFO) presents a selection of articles, all on topical subjects, ranging from research on diseases and vaccines to recent experiences and developments of relevance to programs supported by or seeking Global Fund funding. The impact of COVID-19 is obviously of concern and, while dealt with in this edition, is likely to be a recurring topic for some months to come. Accordingly, in this edition we launch a series of five forthcoming articles on aspects of the impact of COVID-19 varying from global economics to overseas development assistance and what this means for priority health programs. See this issue’s articles on ‘COVID-19: An Agenda for Action’ and on Uganda’s experiences with COVID-19 on the country’s HIV, TB and malaria programs.

As the new Senior Editor of the GFO, let me introduce myself. First, I must explain that I do not come from a journalism background but I do have many years’ experience working in health programmes on several continents and I am well versed in Global Fund policies and procedures, and the programs it supports. I am delighted to work with a team committed to keen observation and a desire to inform you of the latest progress, problems and developments relevant to the response to HIV, malaria and tuberculosis.

Aidspan and our editorial team, under the leadership of Ida Hakizinka, does its best to ensure the accuracy of data and statements in our published articles ― and hence our inclusion of hyperlinks ― but if you, the reader, identify an error or important omission, please notify me and provide me with your data source; and I shall be happy to publish a correction or amendment.

We also strive to ensure fair geographic coverage. We note that some countries and regions feel underserved; and we shall work to correct this. In this regard, this month’s article entitled ‘The Initiative gets a new look’ is particularly relevant.

Finally, if you are aware of an interesting development relevant to disease programs or health systems and that you feel is worthy of global discussion, do let me know together with the name of a person prepared to write about this. Suggestions and comments can be sent to me in English, French or Spanish. My email address is:

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