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Bangkok Satellite Session on CCMs
GFO Issue 29

Bangkok Satellite Session on CCMs


Bernard Rivers

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Article Number: 5

ABSTRACT Attendees at the Bangkok AIDS conference are invited to a satellite session on "The Global Fund - How CCMs can be More Effective."

All those attending the Bangkok International AIDS Conference are invited to a satellite meeting on CCMs.

Title: The Global Fund – How CCMs can be More Effective

Date: Wednesday 14 July 2004, 18:00 to 20:00

Location: Bangkok International AIDS Conference, Conference Room D

Audience: CCM members (actual and potential) from all sectors

Organized by: Aidspan, ICASO, GNP+, International AIDS Alliance, in consultation with the Global Fund.

Speakers from: CCMs, NGOs, PLWHAs, governments and donors in Kenya, Malaysia, Bolivia, Zambia, Germany, USA

Key topics:

  • Basic facts about the Global Fund and CCMs
  • The top ten problems faced by CCMs
  • Making the CCM function smoothly
  • Fair and transparent civil society involvement
  • Getting the Global Fund money to where it is needed
  • Providing the CCM with adequate resources
  • New recommendations by the Global Fund board regarding CCMs

Languages: English, Spanish, French, Thai

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