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Auditing the Auditor
GFO Issue 149

Auditing the Auditor



Article Type:
Editor's Note

Article Number: 4

ABSTRACT GFO extends an invitation to readers to submit final letters to the editor concerning the commentary, "Auditing the Auditor," which appeared in GFO 147, and concerning the five letters to the editor on the same topic, which appeared in GFO 148.

In GFO 147, we ran a commentary, “Auditing the Auditor,” in which we discussed some issues regarding the Global Fund’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG). Then, in GFO 148, we posted some letters to the editor in which the heads of five principal recipients (PRs) responded to the commentary.

GFO invites the OIG, the Secretariat and the Board, and also other GFO readers, to submit final letters to the editor in response to the above commentary and letters. Letters should be sent to the editor,, by 17 June 2011, for publication in an issue of GFO during the week of June 20.

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