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Another $1.38 billion in grants from 2017–2019 allocations approved by Global Fund Board
GFO Issue 328

Another $1.38 billion in grants from 2017–2019 allocations approved by Global Fund Board


David Garmaise

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Cumulative amount awarded to date: $7.64 billion

ABSTRACT The Global Fund Board has approved another batch of grants, the fourth from the 2017–2019 allocations. The value of the grants was $1.38 billion, bringing the cumulative amount awarded to date to $7.64 billion. The Board approved 26 grants emanating from 18 funding requests submitted by 12 countries. Interventions worth $447.9 million were added to the Unfunded Quality Demand Register.

On 13 December 2017, the Global Fund Board approved grants worth $1.38 billion from the 2017-2019 allocations. This was the fourth batch of approvals from the 2017–2019 allocations, and brings the cumulative amount awarded to date to $7.64 billion.

The Board approved funding for 26 grants emanating from 18 funding requests submitted by 12 countries. The Board was acting on the recommendations of the Technical Review Panel (TRP) and the Grant Approvals Committee (GAC).

The $1.38 billion total included five matching funds requests valued at $32.7 million. Interventions totaling $447.9 million were added to the Unfunded Quality Demand (UQD) Register. Domestic commitments to the programs represented by the approved grants amounted to $3.30 billion.

See the table for details.

Table: Grants approved from the 2017-2019 allocations – Fourth batch ($US)

Applicant Com-
Grant name Principal recipient Amount
UQD Domestic
Burundi Malaria BDI-M-UNDP UNDP 36,656,018 9,765,895
TB/HIV BDI-C-UNDP UNDP 35,644,804 7,082,395
Ethiopia RSSH ETH-S-FMOH Ministry of Health 27,581,142 5,081,934 195,000,000
Guyana HIV GUY-H-MOH Ministry of Health 4,539,985 6,854,411
India Malaria IND-M-NVBDCP NVBDCP 65,006,452 42,677,110 221,522,728
HIV IND-H-IHAA Intl. H/A Alliance 20,566,233 72,275,241 1,297,342,193
IND-H-NACO NACO 111,525,269
IND-H-PLAN Plan International 12,027,687
Indonesia HIV IDN-H-MOH Ministry of Health 60,661,386 37,841,774 261,600,000
IDN-H-SPIRITI Yayasan Spiritia 32,116,331
TB IDN-T-AISYIYA C.B. of AISYIYA 14,768,459 334,500,000
IDN-T-MOH Ministry of Health 103,034,752
Liberia HIV LBR-H-PSI Pop. Services Intl. 6,000,000 N/A
Mali HIV MLI-H-HCNLS Haut CNLS 41,111,557 16,164,497
Morocco HIV MAR-H-MOH Ministry of Health 13,924,839 2,519,350 38,783,333
TB MAR-T-MOH Ministry of Health 2,201,595 758,259 24,496,894
Nigeria Malaria NGA-M-CRS Catholic Relief Serv. 273,923,625 165,401,639 635,746,924
NGA-M-NMEP  Ministry of Health 9,397,231
Pakistan HIV PAK-H-NACP Nat. AIDS Control Prog. 17,478,571 14,663,237 28,250,000
PAK-H-NZT Nai Zindagi Trust 17,477,536
South Sudan HIV SSD-H-UNDP UNDP 32,681,295 6,632,391 7,744,309
Malaria SSD-M-PSI Pop. Services Intl. 45,000,000 16,816,028 8,416,630
TB SSD-T-UNDP UNDP 9,000,000 3,247,747 1,122,217
Tanzania HIV TZA-H-MOF Ministry of Finance 349,412,557 37,287,038 207,958,795
TB TZA-T-MOF Ministry of Finance 30,495,717


  1. Amounts shown are upper ceilings.
  2. For countries using euros, the amounts were converted to U.S. dollars at a rate of 1.1765 euros to the dollar.
  3. The Ethiopia approved amount consists of allocated funding of $24,000,000 plus $3,581,142 from the Government of Spain through a Debt2Health agreement.
  4. The domestic commitment shown for Ethiopia is for the three diseases.
  5. The amounts approved include matching funds requests in the amounts of $3,072,115 and $278,937 for Indonesia HIV (IDN-H-MOH and IDN-H-SPIRITI, respectively); $836,523 and $14,550,152 for Indonesia TB (IDN-T-AISYIYA and IDN-T-MOH, respectively); $8,000,000 for Tanzania HIV; and $6,000,000 for Tanzania TB


As is customary, the approved funding is subject to availability of funding and will be committed in annual tranches. Where more than one grant has been approved for a component, the Secretariat has the authority to redistribute the approved amounts among the grants (except that any material change must be validated by the TRP).

Of the 18 funding requests, six were of the program continuation variety; six were full review and six were tailored. Six of the funding requests were from Window 1 (20 March), 11 from Window 2 (23 May) and just one from Window 3 (28 August).

In its report to the Board, the GAC said that the grants were found to be disbursement-ready by the Secretariat after a thorough review process and in consultation with partners. During grant-making, the GAC said, each applicant refined the grant documents, addressed issues raised by the TRP and GAC, and sought efficiencies where possible. The GAC endorsed the reinvestment of efficiencies in one of the following: (a) the same grant, in areas recommended by the TRP; (b) other disease components of the same applicant – where the TRP did not recommend reinvesting in the same grant; or (c) the general funding pool.

Judging by the end dates shown in the GAC report, more than three-quarters of the approved grants had a proposed start date of 1 January 2018. Since Board approval came only on 13 December, there won’t be much time to get the grant confirmations signed by 1 January. It is possible that some countries will need to ask for short extensions of their current grants. However, we don’t have any information to the effect that extensions will be required. We are reminded of the fact that, as we said above, when the grants go to the Board for approval, they are already disbursement ready.

See separate article in  this issue on the approval of the Nigeria malaria grants.

More to come

There were 169 grants approved in the first four batches. The GAC met one more time in 2017, on 6-7 December, where it was expected to review 14 grants; a decision on these grants is expected on 12 January 2018.

Three more windows have been scheduled for 2018, as follows (with the TRP meeting dates shown in parentheses):

Window 4 –– 7 February (TRP: 19-29 March)
Window 5 –– 30 April (TRP: 3-11 June)
Window 6 –– 6 August (TRP: 9-21 September)

Grant extensions

The Board approved costed extensions for four TB and HIV Nigeria grants involving total additional funding of $166.9 million (taken from the 2017-2019 allocation). See separate article in this issue.

Additional matters

In its report, the GAC advised the Board that the Secretariat had approved an extension of the closure period of an HIV grant to Bosnia and Hercegovina “to facilitate the responsible closure and transition” of the grant.

The GAC also advised the Board that it had approved a 12-month extension to Iraq’s TB grant to enable essential services to continue until the grant is fully integrated into the second phase of the Middle East Response regional (multi-country) grant in January 2019.

Aidspan reported on the approval of the first batch of grant approvals for 2017-2019 here; on the second batch here; and on the third batch here.

Most of the information for this article was taken from Board Document GF-B38-ER03, Report of the Secretariat’s Grant Approvals Committee. This document is not available on the Global Fund website.

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