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Aidspan Seeks Regional GFO Correspondents
GFO Issue 224

Aidspan Seeks Regional GFO Correspondents


David Garmaise

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ABSTRACT Aidspan wants to recruit GFO correspondents for East Africa; Southern Africa; North Africa and the Middle East; and South Asia.

Aidspan is seeking regional GFO correspondents for East Africa; Southern Africa; North Africa and the Middle East; and South Asia.

These are contract positions, involving about 5–10 hours a week at the outset, perhaps more as time goes on.

The main responsibility of the regional correspondent is to help Aidspan cover regional stories for GFO. We need people we can contact when we hear about a local or regional story, and who can find out the details and report them back to us (or even write the articles). We also want the regional correspondent to identify local stories.

The language requirements vary by region. However, all regional correspondents must be able to speak English reasonably well, sufficient to be able to communicate with Aidspan staff.

Persons interested in these positions should have a good knowledge of the Global Fund; should have good contacts in the region; should have a decent Internet connection; should be available to us on a regular basis; and should be able to meet deadlines.

Persons interested in this position should contact David Garmaise, GFO Editor, at If you are not interested yourself, but know people who might be interested, please pass this on to them.

Aidspan recently hired two regional correspondents: Lídice Lopez for Latin America, and Gennady Roshchupkin for Eastern Europe and Central Asia. In addition, Aidspan is completing arrangements with individuals to cover South-East Asia and West and Central Africa.

This article was modified on 6 August to remove “West and Central Africa” from the list of regions for which Aidspan is still seeking correspondents.

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