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GFO Issue 17



Bernard Rivers

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Article Number: 5

ABSTRACT Some words were omitted in a recent GFO interview with Dr. Jim Kim of WHO.

Issue 16 of GFO omitted some important words when reporting an interview with Richard Feachem of the Global Fund and Jim Kim of WHO. The paragraph in question said:

“Dr. Kim said that if the Global Fund succeeds in raising the $3 billion that the it has said it needs for 2004 ($1 billion from Europe, $1 billion from the USA, and $1 billion from all others), and if it raises a corresponding amount for 2005, all of the needed additional cost of achieving “3 by 5″ could be met through the Fund.”

The words “through the Fund” at the end of that quote should have been followed by the words “and through already announced commitments of funds from the World Bank and the US Presidential Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.”

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