Global Fund Releases Report on Results and Future Challenges

10 Mar 2007

The Global Fund has released a progress report entitled Partners in Impact - Results Report 2007. The report is one of several documents released by the Fund in preparation for the Second Replenishment Meeting that was held earlier this week in Oslo. The documents are available at www.theglobalfund.org/en/about/replenishment/oslo.


"Providing" Treatment Versus "Supporting" Treatment

28 Jul 2005

A key feature of the Global Fund is that it says it is "results-based" - that it can measure the impact that its grants have, and it can prove to its donors that their money is well-spent.

Recently, PEPFAR (the $15 billion US bilateral AIDS program) has had a difficult time coping with some confusions that its published numbers have caused. The experience provides a sobering lesson for the Fund.


The Fund's "Executive Dashboard"

28 Jul 2005

In June 2004, Richard Feachem, the Fund's Executive Director, informed the board, "We have developed the so-called 'Executive Dashboard', an IT-based tracking and reporting tool, which will allow us to monitor progress against agreed targets on an ongoing basis and intervene early when there are signs of slippage."


Fund Releases Progress Report

16 Jul 2004

As part of its increasing emphasis on transparency, the Fund has released a study of the effectiveness of the 25 grants that have been in operation for more than one year. (An additional 135 grants have been operating for less than a year, and 140 grants have been approved but have not yet commenced operations.)