Global Fund Launches "Born HIV Free" Campaign to Rally Public and Donor Support

14 Jun 2010

The Global Fund is hoping that its Born HIV Free campaign will not only mobilise public support for a world where no child is born with HIV, but will also persuade donor countries to give more to the Fund at the Third Replenishment meeting in New York on 4-5 October 2010.


First Learning Wave of NSAs Seen as Being Successful

18 May 2010

The use of national strategy applications (NSAs) is attractive to countries, technical partners, donors and the Global Fund's own Technical Review Panel (TRP). This is the conclusion of the Global Fund Secretariat, based on evaluations that have been conducted on the first leaning wave (FLW) of NSAs and other feedback.


Letter-Writing Campaign Launched in Support of Universal Access, Funding for AIDS, and the Global Fund

23 Apr 2010

The International AIDS Society (IAS) has launched a web-based letter-writing campaign that allows individuals and organisations to add their voices to the call for universal access and for an increased political and financial commitment to AIDS and the Global Fund. The campaign is targeting members of the G20.


Which Countries Should Give How Much to the Global Fund?

18 Mar 2010

Donor countries will meet in The Hague, Netherlands, next week for the first of two replenishment meetings to discuss how much they might give to the Global Fund for the three years 2011-2013. (The second meeting will take place in October 2010, in New York.)


Chevron Corporation Donates US$30 Million to the Global Fund

29 Jan 2008

Chevron Corporation, one of the world's leading integrated energy companies, has become the Global Fund's first “Corporate Champion,” donating US$30 million over three years to support programmes financed by the Fund in parts of Asia and Africa.process.


Donor Governments Pledge Record Amounts to the Fund

30 Sep 2007

Donors are expected to give the Global Fund at least $9.7 billion over the next three years, 57% more than they gave over the past three years.


New Technical Support Publication by the GTZ BACKUP Initiative

30 Sep 2007

The GTZ BACKUP Initiative has published a guide on where technical support for capacity development of Global Fund recipients is most needed, who is able to provide it, and how to make best use of it.


G8 Leaders Support the Fund and Call for Greater Attention to Needs of Women and Girls

15 Jun 2007

Leaders of the Group of Eight (G8) industrialized nations, in a communique issued on 8 June, pledged to work with other donors to finance the Global Fund and to provide long-term predictable funding based on "ambitious but realistic demand-driven targets." They made a particular call for the Fund to have a "gender-sensitive response" and to ensure that "greater attention and appropriate resources are allocated [to] the


Global Fund Identifies Resource Needs for 2008-2010

1 Mar 2007

In preparation for the Second Replenishment Meeting to be held in Oslo on 5-7 March 2007, the Global Fund has prepared a projection of its resource needs for the three-year period from 2008 to 2010.


Which Countries Should Give How Much to the Global Fund?

1 Mar 2007

Donor countries will meet in Oslo, Norway, next week for the first of two "Replenishment" meetings to discuss how much they might give to the Global Fund for the three years 2008-2010. (The second meeting will take place in September, in Berlin.)