Short Items

21 Jun 2004

    Global Fund Examines its Long Term Future

    7 Jun 2004

    The Global Fund Secretariat has conducted a study projecting how many grants it will have under management each year, and how much money it will spend, if recent grant-approval patterns continue in effect for years to come. The study, entitled "The Global Fund's Grant Making: Future Projections" was recently sent to members of Global Fund board delegations, with no restrictions as to further dissemination.


    Recommended Country-by-Country Donations to the Global Fund

    21 May 2004

    [Note: The following report was published today by Aidspan, the NGO that produces GFO. The version as reprinted here does not include the detailed tables of data that are contained in two appendices. Footnotes, in square brackets, have been moved to the end.


    Round 4 is Biggest Ever

    16 May 2004

    The Global Fund has received proposals costing significantly more in Round 4 than in any of the previous three rounds. Some 320 proposals were received by the deadline of April 5. In a pattern reflecting previous rounds, nearly half the proposals had to be removed by the Secretariat because they were ineligible - for instance, they were submitted by high-income countries, or they did not relate to the three diseases.


    Global Fund Secretariat is Reorganized

    16 May 2004

    The Secretariat of the Global Fund has undergone a significant reorganization. The main changes have occurred at the level immediately below Executive Director Richard Feachem: some staff have left, some no longer report directly to Dr. Feachem, and some now have increased responsibilities. The number of director-level staff reporting to Dr. Feachem has been reduced from six to four.


    Hélène Rossert, First NGO Representative to be Chosen as Vice Chair

    16 May 2004

    At the March board meeting, the Global Fund board elected Hélène Rossert as Vice Chair. She is the first NGO representative, and the first woman, to serve in either of the top two board positions. (For more on the election itself, see GFO Issue 20, available at www.aidspan.org/gfo/archives.)


    Global Fund board gets used to a new chair - and vice versa

    12 Jun 2003

    The Global Fund's fifth board meeting took place in Geneva on June 5-6. It was the first board meeting to be chaired by Tommy Thompson, who also serves as head of the US delegation to the Fund and as US Secretary of Health and Human Services, one of the largest departments in the US government.


    Tommy Thompson, Global Fund Chair

    12 Jun 2003

    Board chair Tommy Thompson spoke with Global Fund Observer during the second day of the June 5-6 board meeting. Bernard Rivers conducted the interview.



    Feachem testifies about CCMs

    12 Jun 2003

    On 7 May 2003, Richard Feachem, Executive Director of the Fund, testified in WashingtonDC before the US House Appropriations Committee's Subcommittee on Foreign Operations. Much of what he said came in the form of unscripted answers to questions from the Chair, Representative Jim Kolbe. Following are some excerpts from what Dr. Feachem said.

    On CCMs:


    A Crisis the Board Must Confront

    7 May 2003

    Unless a miracle takes place, many of the proposals to be approved in October for Round 3 will have to be put on hold as a result of under-funding.