Italy Restores its Pledge to the Global Fund

1 Feb 2005

Italy has decided that it will after all, although somewhat belatedly, pay its 2004 pledge of €100 million to the Global Fund. This means that the Fund can continue to state that no significant pledge to the Fund has ever been cancelled.


David and Goliath - PWAs and the Global Fund CCM in Bolivia

20 Sep 2004

[Adapted by the author from a presentation she gave on July 14 at the Bangkok International AIDS Conference, at a satellite session entitled, "The Global Fund: How CCMs Can Be More Effective," organized by Aidspan and other NGOs. A translation of this article into Spanish will shortly be posted at www.aidspan.org/gfo/docs/gfo62.pdf.]


Financial Developments

16 Jul 2004
  • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation yesterday announced a new pledge of $50 million for the Fund. This marks the third consecutive year in which Gates has given $50 million to the Fund. Although private foundations have a Global Fund board seat, no other foundation has ever given to the Fund, except for pro bono services and some very minor donations of a few thousand dollars.

First Ever Partnership Forum Issues Strong Recommendations

9 Jul 2004

Two strong recommendations emerged from the Global Fund's first Partnership Forum, which was attended over the past two days in Bangkok by more than 400 participants ranging from donor governments to NGOs that have been excluded from CCM membership. The Forum's purpose was to discuss the effectiveness of Global Fund policies and practices and to consider how they can improve.


Partnership Forum Recommendations

9 Jul 2004

The Global Fund's first Partnership Forum, held in Bangkok on July 7 and 8, attracted some 400 participants from all parts of the world. Many attendees had their expenses covered by the Fund.


Board Decisions Regarding Governance

1 Jul 2004
  1. "Communities" vote

Short Items

21 Jun 2004

    Support Group Launched in USA for Global Fund

    7 Jun 2004

    A support group for the Global Fund named "Friends of the Global Fight" has been launched in the USA. It will be led by Jack Valenti, who has served for 38 years as chief executive of the Motion Picture Association of America. Mr.


    Hélène Rossert, First NGO Representative to be Chosen as Vice Chair

    16 May 2004

    At the March board meeting, the Global Fund board elected Hélène Rossert as Vice Chair. She is the first NGO representative, and the first woman, to serve in either of the top two board positions. (For more on the election itself, see GFO Issue 20, available at www.aidspan.org/gfo/archives.)


    The Press Release Announcing the Pricing Agreement

    6 Apr 2004

    [The following press release was issued on 6 April 2004 by the William J. Clinton Foundation, The Global Fund, UNICEF, and The World Bank.]

    6 April 2004

    New Agreements Aim to Make Lowest-Priced AIDS Drugs and Diagnostics Available to Hundreds of Thousands of Patients Throughout the Developing World