How Much Money Does the Fund Need? How Much Does it Have?

24 Mar 2003

[Aidspan, the organization that publishes GFO, has conducted a detailed analysis on "How Much Money Does the Global Fund Need? How Much Does it Have?". The paper, based on data published by the Global Fund through 21 March 2003, is available at www.aidspan.org/gfo/docs/gfo55.pdf. GFO here presents a summary of that paper.]


On the Role of NGOs

18 Feb 2003

[The following statement on "Strengthening Partnerships" was made at the January Board meeting by Milly Katana, board member representing South-NGOs, on behalf of the two NGO delegations and the Communities Living with HIV/TB/Malaria delegation.]

The issue of partnership has been raised here at the meeting on numerous occasions. And for good reason. It is at the core of our credo of "doing business differently".


Global Fund Board Approves Second Round of Grants

31 Jan 2003

The Global Fund today issued a press release as follows:

Grants committing up to US$ 866 million over two years were awarded today by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria to help 60 countries rapidly scale up programs to stop these diseases. Much of the money will go to NGOs and the private sector, complementing the efforts of governments.


From the GFO Editor

23 Jan 2003