Global Fund and UNAIDS urge Nigeria to reconsider new anti-gay law

20 Jan 2014
The law restricts gay and lesbian people from associating in public and imposes jail time of up to 14 years for same-sex unions

The law passed the Nigerian national assembly in May 2013 but President Goodluck Jonathan resisted signing it until early January, doing so with little fanfare as he knew the likely firestorm it would provoke among Nigeria’s development partners.


UNAIDS Issues Guidance Tool on Including CSS in Round 10 Proposals

14 Jul 2010

UNAIDS has released a guidance tool on how to include community systems strengthening activities in Global Fund proposals. "Supporting community based responses to AIDS, TB and malaria" is available at http://data.unaids.org/pub/BaseDocument/2010/201007_unaidscss_en.pdf.


Report Confirms Decline in the Rate of New HIV Infections

1 Dec 2009

New HIV infections in 2008 were 30% lower than they were 12 years ago, according to data just released by UNAIDS and the World Health Organization (WHO). The findings confirm a trend first observed about two years ago.


Dropping the Ball

17 Apr 2008

If you stopped an ordinary man in the street here in Kenya and told him that there is a Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria which gives money to help Kenya fight the three diseases, he would probably be pleasantly surprised. For not many people here have any idea that such a fund exists.


Plans Are Fine, But Who Has Been Helped?

6 Apr 2004

In the past few years we have heard many announcements - such as today's - about scaling up plans and programs regarding HIV/AIDS treatment. They have come from UNAIDS, WHO, PAHO and the Global Fund, as well as generic and originator drug companies. But after the press coverage dies down, things don't seem to change very much for the people who need these drugs.