EECA Initiative on Harm Reduction Moves a Few Steps Closer to Submitting a Concept Note

4 Jul 2013

The Eurasian Harm Reduction Network (EHRN) has submitted a draft project concept to the Global Fund for review by the Secretariat and the Technical Review Panel (TRP) prior to submitting a full concept note. EHRN is the applicant for a regional initiative in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA) on HIV and harm reduction. This is part of the transition phase of the new funding model (NFM).


TRP Recommends for Approval 89 Round 10 Proposals; Total 2-Year Cost Is $1.76B

15 Nov 2010

The Global Fund's Technical Review Panel (TRP) has recommended that the Global Fund Board approve 89 Round 10 grants that, over their first two years, will cost $1.76 billion. This makes Round 10 the third largest round ever of Global Fund grants (after Rounds 8 and 9).


Report Reveals that Seven CCM Applications Were Declared Ineligible During Round 9 Proposal Screening

1 Apr 2010

Last year, seven applications from CCMs were deemed to be ineligible for consideration by the Technical Review Panel (TRP) as a result of the Round 9 screening process. This is in sharp contrast to Round 8, when no CCM applications were screened out. In each of Rounds 6 and 7, only three CCM applications were found to be ineligible.


Funding Approved for All Remaining Recommended Proposals from Round 9

11 Mar 2010

The Global Fund Board has approved funding for 31 Round 9 proposals that had been recommended by the Technical Review Panel (TRP), but for which funding was not formally approved at the Board's in-person meeting in November 2009.


Aidspan Releases Report on Strengths of Rounds 8 and 9 Proposals

11 Feb 2010

Aidspan, publisher of GFO, has released a new report on "Key Strengths of Rounds 8 and 9 Proposals to the Global Fund." The purpose of this report, which is available in English, French, Spanish and Russian, is to provide information to Global Fund applicants on key attributes of a strong proposal.


TRP Observations on the "First Learning Wave" of NSAs

1 Dec 2009

The "first learning wave" of a new Global Fund funding stream, National Strategy Applications (NSAs), was recently completed. NSAs involve submitting a national disease strategy itself - rather than a Global Fund-specific proposal form - as the primary basis of the application for Global Fund financing.


TRP Observations Concerning Round 9

1 Dec 2009

According to the Global Fund's Technical Review Panel (TRP), performance frameworks included in proposals submitted to the Fund continue to be inadequate. This is one of the observations contained in the "Report of the Technical Review Panel and the Secretariat on Round 9 Proposals," a document that was submitted to the recent Global Fund Board meeting in Addis Ababa.


Round 8 Approved Grants Will Exceed Three Billion Dollars

26 Sep 2008

After conducting its detailed review of Round 8 proposals, the Global Fund's Technical Review Panel (TRP) has recommended that the Global Fund Board approve grants that, over their first two years, will cost in excess of three billion dollars. This makes Round 8 nearly three times the size, in dollar terms, of any previous round of Global Fund grants.


Main Decisions Made at Global Fund April Board Meeting

30 Apr 2008

The main decisions made by the Global Fund Board at the meeting that ended yesterday were, in chronological order, as follows. (For precise wording of what the Board agreed, check in

www.theglobalfund.org/documents/board/17/GF-B17-DecisionPoints.pdf for the Decision Points specified below.)


TRP Comments on Round 7 Proposals

7 Dec 2007

As it does for each round of funding, the Technical Review Panel (TRP) has identified a number of issues with respect to the Round 7 applications and review process, and has made several recommendations to the Global Fund (and others) that could lead to changes in future rounds.