Board approves new policy on sustainability, transition, and co-financing

28 Apr 2016
Strategy on transition has been eagerly awaited

The Global Fund’s new strategy for the period 2017-2022 has a strong focus on the sustainability of investments. This includes supporting countries that are transitioning from Global Fund support to domestic reliance for their disease programs.


Des recommandations pour les pays en transition

4 Apr 2016
APMGlobal Health et Aidspan publient un article sur la transition

APMGlobal Health et Aidspan publient des recommandations pour les pays qui ne bénéficient plus de l’aide du Fonds mondial. Ces recommandations sont disponibles dans un article intitulé Transitions vers un financement domestique pour la lutte contre le VIH.


Recommendations for transitioning countries made available

31 Mar 2016
APMGlobal Health and Aidspan release a paper on transition

APMGlobal Health and Aidspan have jointly released recommendations for countries transitioning from Global Fund support. The recommendations are contained in a paper entitled Transitions from donor funding to domestic reliance for HIV responses.


Кыргызстан осуществляет планирование переходного периода для программ по ТБ и ВИЧ

10 Mar 2016
Рабочая группа объединила представителей Глобального Фонда, правительства, гражданского общества и общин для работы над вопросами по переходу

Министерство Здравоохранения Кыргызстана сформировала мультидисциплинарную рабочую группу специалистов по планированию, координации и имплементации переходного периодадля программ по ТБ и ВИЧ. Группа уже укомплектована специалистами в сфере управления, закупок, общественного здравоохранения, а также по финансам. Также вовлечены представители организаций гражданского  общества (ОГО) и общин. Другие позиции будут добавлены позже.


Kyrgyzstan is implementing transition planning for TB and HIV

3 Mar 2016
A working group has brought together representatives from The Global Fund, government, civil society and communities to work on the transition

The Ministry of Health of Kyrgyzstan has formed a multi-disciplinary working group of specialists to plan, coordinate, and implement transition planning for TB and HIV. The group is already staffed by management, procurement, public health, and finance specialists. Representatives of civil society organizations and communities are also included. Other positions will be added.


Разработан инструмент, рамка оценки готовности к переходному периоду

1 Mar 2016
Инструмент дополнит документ политики Фонда в области переходного периода и устойчивого развития, находящийся в настоящее время на стадии разработки

Рамка оценки готовности к переходу была разработана Международным Фондом Курацио (CIF), являющемся грузинской НПО, для Глобального Фонда. Рамка разработана в помощь странам для оценки собственной готовности полностью финансировать и имплементировать программы по ТБ и ВИЧ после прекращения финансовой поддержки со стороны Глобального Фонда и других доноров.


Transition preparedness assessment framework tool developed

23 Feb 2016
The tool will complement the Fund’s policy on transition and sustainability, currently being developed

A transition preparedness assessment framework has been developed for the Global Fund by Curatio International Foundation (CIF), a Georgian NGO. The framework is designed to allow countries to assess their readiness to fully fund and implement their TB and HIV programs once they no longer receive financial support from The Global Fund and other donors.


La transition de la Thaïlande : entre optimisme et préoccupations

5 Feb 2016
Les préoccupations concernent les populations clés

La Thaïlande a été qualifiée par le Fonds mondial de transition exemplaire, bien préparée et bien gérée. Lorsque la Thaïlande a soumis sa note conceptuelle TB/VIH en juin 2014, le pays a annoncé qu’il s’agirait du dernier financement du Fonds mondial. Le pays a précisé que la transition durerait seulement deux ans et non trois (qui est la durée classique d’une subvention du Fonds mondial). Il s’agit d’une situation inhabituelle.


Thailand’s transition triggers concerns for some, but others are more confident

3 Feb 2016
The concerns relate to services for key populations

Thailand has been hailed by The Global Fund as the golden example of a well-planned and well-managed transition. When Thailand submitted its TB/HIV concept note in June 2014, the country announced that this would be the last time it requested money from The Global Fund. The country indicated that it would transition in just two years, shorter than the standard three-year Global Fund grant cycle. This is an unusual situation.


Sustainability is about more than just money, study says

1 Feb 2016
Political will and respect for human rights are among the other factors that need to be considered

Planning for how programs will be sustained after The Global Fund (or any other donor) has withdrawn from a country – or is anticipated to withdraw, sooner or later – must take into account more than just where the money will come from.