“Friends” Organisations Promote the Work of the Global Fund

25 Oct 2012

Since the establishment of the Global Fund in 2002, various organisations have been formed as “Friends of the Fund.” They promote the work of the Fund and mobilise financial and political support for it.


Forecast of Uncommitted Assets Increases by $373 Million

15 Sep 2012
Global Fund projects uncommitted assets worth $1,428 million by end 2014; $2,112 million by June 2015
FOPC says forecast should be interpreted cautiously

The Global Fund is now forecasting that it will have uncommitted assets worth $1,428 million by December 2014. The forecast was prepared by the Secretariat and was presented to the Global Fund Board at its meeting on 13–14 September 2012. The forecast represents an increase of $373 million over the forecast presented to the Board at its 26th meeting in May 2012.


Rwanda’s Health Minister Calls for More Donations to Global Fund

27 Aug 2012

Many of the world’s largest economies are not fulfilling their financial pledges to the Global Fund, according to Agnes Binagwaho, Rwanda’s health minister.


Aidspan Has a New Website and a New Logo

27 Aug 2012
Check out the new-look website: www.aidspan.org
New features include “GFO Live”

For ten years, Aidspan has had a website that has served us well, enabling us to carry out our mandate as a watchdog of the Global Fund. Through the website, we have been able to provide access to our many Aidspan guides and reports and our hundreds of GFO articles. The website has gained a wide audience over the years and has become an authoritative source of Global Fund–related information.


Reaction to Spain’s Contribution to the Global Fund Is Mixed

15 Aug 2012

Salud por Derecho (Salud), a Spanish right to health foundation, and Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) have described the contribution to the Global Fund recently announced by Spain as “unreasonably low.”


Australian Panel Calls for Significant Increase in Contributions to the Global Fund

9 Aug 2011

Meanwhile, the Netherlands announces its pledge; Germany clarifies its conditions; and Italy is asked to reconfirm its commitment


Debt Swap Agreement Between Germany and Egypt Will Benefit Global Fund Programmes in Ethiopia

25 Jul 2011

The Global Fund has brokered debt swap agreement before, but not like the latest one between Germany and Egypt.


Donor Governments Pledge Record - But Insufficient - Amounts to the Fund

8 Oct 2010

Donors are expected to give the Global Fund about $11.7 billion over the three years 2011-2013. This is 20% more than the $9.7 billion that was pledged three years ago for the 2008-2010 period; but it is significantly less than the Global Fund says that it needs.


Some Donors Announce Their Pledges to the Global Fund for 2011-2013

24 Sep 2010

France has announced that it will contribute $1.4 billion to the Global Fund during the three-year period 2011-2013, an increase of about 9% over its contribution during the period 2007-2009. France is one of five countries that have indicated this week how much they plan to contribute. Most countries will make their announcements at the Global Fund's replenishment meeting in New York on 4-5 October 2010.


Global Fund Approves Seventh Round of Grants

12 Nov 2007

Today, during the first day of its sixteenth board meeting held in Kunming, China, the Global Fund board approved 73 Round 7 grants that will cost $1,119 million over the first two years and $2,762 m. over five years. (For a complete list of approved and non-approved proposals, see below.) As a result of recent new pledges, the Fund has sufficient money to pay for all grants that were recommended by the Technical Review Panel.