Data Released Regarding Round 5 Proposals

29 Jun 2005

Round 5 could be the most expensive round of Global Fund grants ever, according to data released by the Global Fund. Preliminary estimates by the Secretariat suggest that the cost of the first two years of grants under Round 5 might be $1.25 billion, compared with the previous estimate of $1.0 billion.


Aidspan and ICASO Release "An Advocacy Guide on Global Fund Financing"

29 Jun 2005

Aidspan, publisher of GFO, and ICASO (International Council of AIDS Service Organizations) have jointly released "An Advocacy Guide on Global Fund Financing." The purpose of the Guide is to provide advocates and activists in both developing and developed countries with information on the current situation with respect to Global Fund funding, and to suggest advocacy strategies to counter the anticipated shortfall.


Global Fund Announces Fifth Call for Proposals

27 Mar 2005

The Global Fund announced its Fifth Call for Proposals on March 17, as agreed by the board last November.


Fund Releases New Forecasts of Financial Needs

7 Mar 2005

In a new report "The Resource Needs of the Global Fund 2005-2007", prepared for the Stockholm meeting and available at www.theglobalfund.org/en/about/replenishment, the Fund has calculated its future needs using two independent methods.


Brown and Chirac Propose New Ideas to Finance the Global Fund

1 Feb 2005

Two world leaders, Gordon Brown of the UK and Jacques Chirac of France, have proposed radical new mechanisms that would, if implemented, provide major increases in funding for the fight against AIDS in general and the Global Fund in particular.


Global Fund Fails to Gain Sufficient Non-US Donations to Release Full US Pledge

18 Oct 2004

The Global Fund has not succeeded in raising the full amount needed from non-US donors to meet the US condition for handing over its full 2004 pledge of $547 million.


Financial Developments

16 Jul 2004
  • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation yesterday announced a new pledge of $50 million for the Fund. This marks the third consecutive year in which Gates has given $50 million to the Fund. Although private foundations have a Global Fund board seat, no other foundation has ever given to the Fund, except for pro bono services and some very minor donations of a few thousand dollars.

Board Decisions Regarding Resource Mobilization

1 Jul 2004

After lengthy discussion, the board failed to agree on any procedures whereby the Fund will accept in-kind donations.


Key Decisions Made by Global Fund Board

30 Jun 2004

Key decisions made by the Global Fund board at the meeting that ended today were as follows.