Concerns about Malawi financial management outweighed by burden of need

18 Jun 2015
Despite scandal involving parastatal principal recipient, Malawi receiving additional resources from Global Fund

Despite continued concerns about Malawi’s ability to absorb grant funds, the country will receive an additional $37 million in incentive funding to support its HIV program, bringing the total allocation under the new funding model for this central African nation for all three diseases and health systems strengthening to more than $611 million.


Le Malawi veut tourner la page du scandale financier de sa commission contre le sida

25 Feb 2015
La société civile signale un profond déséquilibre des activités décrites dans la note conceptuelle qui vient d’être présentée


Espérant tourner la page d’un scandale financier impliquant la Commission nationale de lutte contre le sida, le Malawi a nommé deux nouveaux récipiendaires principaux qui seront chargés d’administrer les 574 millions US$ alloués à la lutte contre le VIH.


While turning the page on a financial scandal, Malawi still confronting challenges in prioritizing HIV interventions

3 Feb 2015
Civil society flags major imbalance in activities outlined in just-submitted concept note

Seeking to turn the page on a financial scandal involving the National AIDS Commission, Malawi has appointed new principal recipients to administer the $574 million it was allocated to fight HIV.


Civil society in Malawi elbows its way in to find a seat at the table for HIV policymaking

17 Sep 2014
Participating in country dialogue is a first step -- over many hurdles

Malawi's ability to control the spread of HIV will be undermined by the structural barriers that prevent access to services by key populations: this was the message delivered to stakeholders participating in country dialogue to develop the southern African nation's HIV concept note.


Southern African countries dig in to harmonize approaches to TB among mining communities

2 Apr 2014
Common systems for tracking, tracing and referring top the pile of commitments from nine countries

A ministerial-level meeting took place on 25 March in South Africa, aiming to harmonize tracking, tracing, diagnosis and referrals for people affiliated with southern Africa's lucrative mining sector -- all of whom are at high risk for contracting tuberculosis.


Malawi’s CCM adds new TB voices ahead of integrated concept note development

18 Feb 2014
Co-infection is responsible for more than two-thirds of AIDS-related deaths in Malawi

Malawi’s preparations to develop an integrated HIV/TB concept note required under the new funding model have included the election on 12 February of two new members to its country coordination mechanism (CCM) with roots in the TB community.


Malawi faces shortage of healthcare workers as it battles AIDS epidemic

21 Jan 2014

Malawi’s health sector is grappling with a serious lack of trained health care staff that could have an impact on its Global Fund-supported programming to enroll a greater number of HIV-positive Malawians on antiretroviral therapy (ART).


OIG Releases Report on Audit of Grants to Malawi

7 Sep 2012
Most of the OIG recommendations are already being implemented
Ineligible and unsupported expenditures of $3.9 million identified; Malawi has agreed to refund at least $3.3 million

Malawi has secured positive outcomes and achievements with Global Fund grants but needs to address weaknesses in grant administration, procurement and supplies management, and financial management, an audit report by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) has said.


OIG Releases Reports on Three Audits and Four Diagnostic Reviews

15 Aug 2012
No evidence of grant funds being misappropriated
Ineligible and unsupported expenditures of $4 million identified in one audit; country has agreed to pay back at least $3.3 million

In the first week of August, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) released seven new reports covering audits conducted in Burundi, Malawi and Ukraine; and diagnostic reviews undertaken in Eritrea, Gambia, Georgia and Peru.



Global Fund Protests Malawi Prison Sentence for Two Gay Men

21 May 2010

The Global Fund today (21 May 2010) issued an unusual press release protesting the conviction and sentencing of two men in Malawi based on their sexual orientation.