Global Fund Partnership Forum Preview

21 Jun 2004

With the Global Fund now more than two years old, the Fund's leadership is taking steps to get feedback from a full range of stakeholders on its structure, process, and progress through a mechanism called the Partnership Forum.


Global Fund Board Meets Next Week

21 Jun 2004

The Global Fund will hold one of its three yearly board meetings next week in Geneva from June 28-30.

Some significant items to be discussed include the following:


Global Fund Provides Details on Ineligible Round 4 Proposals

7 Jun 2004

Every Round 4 proposal that NGOs submitted direct to the Global Fund (that is, without CCM endorsement) was ruled ineligible by the Secretariat. Most, according to the Secretariat, had little technical merit. And the few that were strong did not make a legitimate case for bypassing their CCM. However, it is possible that some of those proposals were subsequently repackaged as part of proposals submitted by CCMs.


New Study Reveals Varying Acceptance by CCMs of People Living with HIV/AIDS

7 Jun 2004

The Global Fund's official guidelines on the composition and purpose of Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs) make clear that the role of a CCM is to build partnerships between *all* the relevant players in a country. The guidelines, likely to be strengthened soon, state that each CCM should "strive to include ...


Nairobi Regional Meeting Makes Recommendations Regarding CCMs

16 May 2004

On July 7 and 8, the Global Fund will hold its first bi-annual Partnership Forum in Bangkok, immediately prior to the International AIDS Conference. The role of the Partnership Forum is to provide a channel for feedback from people interested in the Fund who are not formally represented in the Fund's governance structure.


South African Grant Agreements Finally Signed

28 Sep 2003

After several false starts, the Global Fund and South Africa signed agreements on August 7 regarding three Round 1 grants that were originally approved over eighteen months ago:


The Paris Meeting and Beyond

28 Sep 2003

On July 16, France and the United States co-hosted a long-heralded "International Meeting to Support the Global Fund" in Paris. When this event was originally planned, it was hoped by some that it would lead to many announcements of new donations to the Fund. But while there were many statements of support from world leaders, the only new donations announced at the meeting were a $10 m.


Feachem testifies about CCMs

12 Jun 2003

On 7 May 2003, Richard Feachem, Executive Director of the Fund, testified in WashingtonDC before the US House Appropriations Committee's Subcommittee on Foreign Operations. Much of what he said came in the form of unscripted answers to questions from the Chair, Representative Jim Kolbe. Following are some excerpts from what Dr. Feachem said.

On CCMs:


On the Role of NGOs

18 Feb 2003

[The following statement on "Strengthening Partnerships" was made at the January Board meeting by Milly Katana, board member representing South-NGOs, on behalf of the two NGO delegations and the Communities Living with HIV/TB/Malaria delegation.]

The issue of partnership has been raised here at the meeting on numerous occasions. And for good reason. It is at the core of our credo of "doing business differently".


Approved Grants, in Decreasing Order

31 Jan 2003

This table shows the same data, but in decreasing order of the amount approved for Years 1-2.


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