In Côte d’Ivoire, two million TB drugs financed by The Global Fund sold in street markets: OIG

19 Apr 2016
An awareness campaign has been launched in the media to inform the population

In Côte d’Ivoire, the Nouvelle Pharmacie de la Santé Publique (NPSP), the facility responsible for receiving, warehousing and distributing medicines, and the Programme National de Lutte contre la Tuberculose (PNLT), a principal recipient, were responsible for a massive diversion of TB drugs financed by The Global Fund.


Reactions to the finding of the OIG in its audit on CCMs

6 Mar 2016

Aidspan solicited feedback from several entities on the findings of the Office of the Inspector General in its audit on country coordinating mechanisms.


Предприняты специальные усилия для поддержания ВИЧ сервисов в Крыму

16 Feb 2016
Глобальный Фонд тесно сотрудничает с ОР Украины и с местными неправительственными организациями в Крыму
Фонд является единственным международным донором, оперирующим на аннексированной территории

Политические изменения в Крымском регионе, которые имели место с февраля 2014 года - в частности, аннексия Крыма Российской Федерацией - значительно повлияли на  программы Глобального Фонда в регионе.


Special efforts made to maintain HIV Services in Crimea

26 Jan 2016
The Global Fund is working closely with the Ukraine PRs and with local NGOs in Crimea
The Fund is the only international donor operating in the annexed territory

Political changes in the Crimea region which took place from February 2014 – i.e., the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation – have significantly altered The Global Fund programs in the region.  


Selon une étude, les populations clés africaines sont encore largement exclues des processus de prise de décision, en dépit des espoirs suscités par le NMF

25 Nov 2015
Leur participation diminue à mesure que le pays se rapproche du processus de demande de financement

D’après un nouveau rapport, les principes directeurs du nouveau modèle de financement, comme un dialogue pays inclusif ou une participation significative, n’ont pas eu d’impact en ce qui concerne les populations clés en Afrique sub-saharienne.


The challenges of CCM reform in the DRC

24 Nov 2015
The CCM will be integrated into a national steering committee for health

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, a reform of the country coordinating mechanism is underway to make it comply with Global Fund requirements and to integrate it into a national steering committee for health, the Comité National de Pilotage du Secteur de la Santé.


Survey finds African key populations still largely excluded from decision-making, despite NFM promises

23 Nov 2015
Participation diminishes as countries move through the stages of the application process

According to a new report, cornerstone principals of the new funding model, such as inclusive country dialogue and meaningful participation, have not translated in practice for key populations in sub-Saharan Africa.


Marking a progression in its HIV landscape, Vietnam chooses a civil society PR

19 Oct 2015
The role of civil society in the response to HIV is growing

Vietnam inaugurated its first non-governmental principal recipient with the signing of its HIV grant in September 2015. A voluntary umbrella organization of non-governmental or semi-autonomous organizations operating in various science and technology fields, the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) was appointed PR after serving four years serving as sub-recipient under the Vietnam Authority on AIDS Control.    


New platform for reports of human rights violations in Global Fund programs launched

5 May 2015
A first response to complaints will be made within 48 hours

Interested parties will now be able to report alleged human rights violations or infringements occurring in programs or activities supported by the Global Fund using a new complaints mechanism launched by the Global Fund on 27 April.


Ecuador and Rwanda audits show mixed results

15 Jan 2015
Problems in governance, oversight and management in Rwanda; deficiencies in program performance and controls of health services and products in Ecuador

Reports on audits of grants in Rwanda and Ecuador were released by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) at the end of December.



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