African civil society PRs establish community of practice

17 Sep 2016
The PRs gathered in Nairobi to share experiences

Civil society principal recipients (PRs) from across Africa recently gathered in Nairobi, Kenya to consolidate their collective knowledge and experiences and establish a formal community of practice. From 29-31August, 65 participants from 20 African countries demonstrated their commitment to strengthening the implementation of Global Fund grants through increased collaboration and peer learning.


Global Fund rolls out Strategic Actions for Gender Equality Initiative

5 Sep 2016
Increased investments and enhanced capacity to address gender inequality

As part of its new strategy for 2017-2022, the Global Fund has placed increased emphasis on rights and gender. One of the four strategic objectives focuses directly on promoting and protecting human rights and gender equality, aiming to scale up programs to support women and girls (including programs to advance sexual and reproductive health and rights) and invest to reduce health inequities (including gender and age-related disparities).


Les questions liées aux communautés, aux droits et au genre ont une visibilité accrue mais démontrer leur impact reste un défi

23 May 2016
Les questions CGR ont reçu un appui majeur dans la nouvelle stratégie 2017-2022 du Fonds

Le Fonds mondial a réussi à sensibiliser à l'importance des questions liées aux communautés, aux droits et au genre (CRG) et à promouvoir l'inclusion des questions CRG dans les dialogues au niveau des pays et dans les notes conceptuelles. Cependant, le défi est maintenant de traduire ces avancées en impact des programmes sur le terrain.


Call for nominations: Community, Rights, and Gender Advisory Group

23 May 2016

The Community, Rights, and Gender Department of The Global Fund has issued a call for nominations for membership on its Community, Rights, and Gender Advisory Group. The group serves as a platform for the exchange of ideas and initiatives, and to consult on approaches with regards to the development and implementation of Global Fund strategies and policies related to community responses and systems, key populations, and gender.


Community, rights and gender issues have a higher profile, but challenges remain in demonstrating impact

5 May 2016
CGR issues received a big boost in the Fund’s new Strategy 2017-2022

The Global Fund has been successful at raising awareness about the importance of community, rights, and gender (CRG) and promoting the inclusion of CRG issues in country dialogues and concept notes. However, challenges remain in translating these achievements into impact in programs on the ground.


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