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The Global Fund’s Results Report 2018, published on 12 September, is the first such report to use a revised methodology for tracking and reporting impact and results achieved by the Global Fund partnership. The report records large increases in the numbers of lives saved and people treated for the three diseases.


The Office of the Inspector General has assessed the Global Fund’s transition management processes, which support countries’ HIV, TB and malaria programs’ transition away from Global Fund financing. The OIG report is largely favourable, acknowledges some needs for improvement, and highlights that transition, by definition, “is not primarily a Global Fund process”.


The six Regional Platforms for Communication and Coordination form a key part of the Global Fund’s work to strengthen community engagement in all of its processes, as part of the Community, Rights and Gender Strategic Initiative. Almost one year after the Platforms’ relaunched, in a follow up to our introduction of the Platforms in November 2017, we highlight some of the work they have produced and results achieved so far.


The results of the recently closed HIV program in Russia are under threat due to the country‘s ineligibility for the Global Fund‘s transition funding and the unwillingness of the Russian government to continue to support the implemented activities. But since the preservation of the ‚NGO Rule‘ at the Global Fund‘s 39th board meeting, Russia may be in line for HIV funding again, for the 2020-2022 allocation period.


The report of the Office of the Inspector General on its audit of grants to Viet Nam was very complimentary of the country’s progress in program impact, financial management internal controls, governance and assurance mechanisms. The OIG praised Viet Nam’s decision to integrate HIV and TB treatment into the national health insurance scheme, but said that the integration presented a number of challenges and risks.


In light of the recent approval of the Global Fund’s ‘Revised Eligibility Policy’ at the 39th Meeting of the Global Fund Board, this article provides an overview of the Romanian “eligibility story”.  Romanian NGOs continue to try and address political barriers within the Global Fund and prove their eligibility to receive HIV-related funding, in order to ensure access for key affected populations to HIV prevention services.


The government of India announced on 5 September that it would host the Global Fund’s preparatory meeting for the Sixth Replenishment. The pre-meeting will be in New Delhi on 8 February 2019.