Global Fund has achieved generally positive results against its performance targets, report to 41st Board says

16 May 2019
Absorptive capacity improved; number of new infections and cases is one area needing improvement

The Global Fund has achieved generally positive results against its key performance indicator (KPI) targets, according to a report on strategic performance prepared for the Board meeting on 15-16 May.


OIG audit praises Kenya’s procurement and supply chain processes, identifies implementation challenges

15 Jan 2019
Gaps in service delivery, grant implementation and measurement of grant performance

Kenya has made significant progress against HIV, TB and malaria. This is partly due to the country’s ability to successfully procure Global Fund-supported health products, despite not using the Global Fund Pooled Procurement Mechanism (PPM). The country also ensures that health products are available to health facilities as needed.


OIG audit of Global Fund grants to Myanmar reveals gaps in service delivery and supply chain management despite good results in other areas

1 Oct 2018
Audit shows significant progress in program impact and financial management

Myanmar has made significant progress in its fight against HIV, TB and malaria, thanks in part to increased financial commitments from the government and initiatives to extend health care coverage. At the same time, there are gaps in service delivery and issues related to supply chain management.


Significant impacts exist as a result of Global Fund withdrawal from programs and service delivery in Bosnia and Herzegovina

19 Dec 2016

Bosnia and Herzegovina- BiH, an upper-middle income country with low HIV prevalence rates in both the general and high-risk populations, estimated at around <0.1% and <0.5% respectively, became ineligible for Global Fund support after September 2016.  In the country, possession of drugs and organization of provision of sex services are criminalized.


Global Fund Releases New Performance Data

14 Jun 2010

As of June 2010, 5.7 million lives have been saved as a result of programmes supported by the Global Fund, according to estimates recently released by the Fund. The Global Fund calculates that this means that another 4,000 deaths are averted every day.