How the Round 10 Prioritisation Criteria Might Work

24 Sep 2010

Earlier this year, the Global Fund amended its prioritisation criteria for Round 10, giving less weight to technical merit than under the old criteria. This has led to some misconceptions about how the prioritisation criteria would be used for Round 10. The purpose of this article, therefore, is to explain the facts and provide an example of how proposals might be ranked if the criteria need to be invoked.


Report Documents Rise in Official Development Assistance

20 Sep 2010

In the last decade, official development assistance from donor countries has been increasing, as has the proportion of this assistance going to health. This information is contained in a report recently released by the Global Fund.


New Prioritisation Criteria Give Less Weight to Technical Merit

4 May 2010

As mentioned in Article 1, revised prioritisation criteria adopted by the Global Fund Board for Round 10 mean that technical merit will have considerably less weight than it had under the criteria used in previous rounds of funding.