The UK may withhold part of its £1.1 billion pledge to the Global Fund if performance targets not met

4 Oct 2016
UK remains concerned about corruption

The UK Secretary of State responsible for foreign aid, Ms. Priti Patel has stated that aid earmarked for Global Fund use will come with conditions tied to "performance agreements" which would leave it up to the Department for International Development (DfID) to withhold 10 percent of future donations if certain conditions go unmet.


Le BIG publie son premier « avis annuel » sur le Secrétariat du Fonds mondial

9 Apr 2015
La maturité organisationnelle s’est améliorée, mais de nouvelles améliorations s’avèrent nécessaires

Depuis qu’il a lancé son processus de transformation en 2012, le Fonds mondial est parvenu à améliorer progressivement sa « maturité organisationnelle ». Cela étant, le Fonds a encore du chemin à parcourir, selon le Bureau de l’Inspecteur général (BIG).


OIG releases first “annual opinion” on the Global Fund Secretariat

1 Apr 2015
Says organizational maturity has improved, but further enhancements are required

There have been progressive improvements in “organizational maturity” since the Global Fund began its transformation process in 2012, but the Fund still has some distance to travel, according to the Office of the Inspector General (OIG).


Global Fund lifts suspensions of net suppliers caught in Cambodia case

6 Feb 2014
Suppliers Vestergaard Frandsen and Sumitomo Chemical Co face mandatory compliance regulations to continue as Fund suppliers

The Global Fund Secretariat will lift the suspensions of two major suppliers of long-lasting impregnated nets (LLINs) who were found to have paid kickbacks to government officials in Cambodia.

Acting on the recommendations of the Sanctions Panel, the Secretariat also imposed three conditions on Vestergaard Frandsen and Sumitomo Chemical Co in order to remain eligible to compete in tenders for future commodity purchases.


Procurement irregularities and over-pricing in Madagascar identified by OIG

8 Jan 2014
Suppliers alleged to have colluded on bids

An investigation by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) into procurement contracts for five malaria grants to Madagascar has found evidence of non-compliant expenditures, over-priced goods and collusion among suppliers. A report on the investigation was released on 3 January.


OIG Investigation in Cambodia Prompts Suspension of Two Top LLIN Suppliers Over $410,712 in Kickbacks

18 Nov 2013

Two suppliers responsible for nearly 50% of all long-lasting insecticide-treated nets (LLINs) purchased by the Global Fund on behalf of malaria projects worldwide have been suspended following an investigation in Cambodia into widespread fraud and kickbacks paid to government officials.


OIG Investigation in Georgia Reveals That Two Suppliers Conspired to Obtain Contracts

15 Jun 2013
Suppliers were assisted by the PR, OIG says
PR denies the allegations

The OIG says that is has uncovered “credible and substantial evidence” that two suppliers for programmes supported by Global Fund grants in Georgia worked together to steer contracts to each other, and that they were assisted in this effort by several staff members of the principal recipient (PR).


Corruption Quiz

27 Aug 2012

Are you corrupt?

Before you answer that question, here’s another: What is corruption?


Report Renews Concerns About Stolen Malaria Medicines

8 Oct 2010

A report published recently in a medical journal has focussed renewed attention on the problem of donated malaria drugs being stolen and then sold in the private sector in Africa. According to researchers, in a study conducted between 2007 and early 2010, of nearly 900 samples purchased from private pharmacies in 11 African cities, 6.5% were stolen.


Lessons From the Uganda Experience

24 Aug 2005

I would not want Brad Herbert's job.

He and his team of a few dozen people at the Global Fund have to negotiate hundreds of grant agreements, disburse billions of dollars, and then attempt to ensure that the grants deliver the promised results with no inappropriate diversions of money.