Improvements in controls needed to ensure monitoring of Global Fund grants is effective, OIG says

7 Nov 2017
OIG audit coincides with the introduction of a new grant operating system
Portfolio Review Committee to be established at the Secretariat to review portfolio-wide grant performance

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) says that following the recommendations of a High-Level Panel in 2011 to improve management and internal controls, the Global Fund took significant steps to establish appropriate governance structures, processes, controls and systems for managing its portfolio of grants.


Corporate KPI Framework Is Approved

8 Nov 2013

Following extensive consultations with Board committees and donor and implementer constituencies, the Global Board has approved a revised Corporate KPI Framework. The framework is designed to present indicators to measure the goals, targets and objectives of the Global Fund’s Strategy for 2012–2016.


New Modular Approach Adopted for Outlining Proposed Programmes

1 Mar 2013
Modules (or “programme areas”) replace the SDAs used under the rounds-based system

In conjunction with the introduction of the new funding model (NFM), the Global Fund is introducing a new, modular approach for describing the programmes for which applicants are requesting funding.

What the Global Fund calls the “taxonomy” of the modular approach is explained in the following diagram taken from a near-final draft of the Concept Note Instructions for Early Applicants.


E.D. Report Provides Updates on CCMs, Round 8 Grants, Other Topics

24 Jun 2010

The Global Fund is developing a comprehensive performanceassessment framework designed to enhance its ability to identify CCMs that needassistance. As well, fund portfolio managers (FPMs) have been instructed to activelyparticipate in CCM meetings and to liaise more regularly with CCM members.