Funding for watchdogs can be included in grants

2 Sep 2015

In an article in GFO 269 on the links between the OIG and local watchdogs, we stated that there is currently no financial mechanism at the Global Fund to support local watchdogs. We have been notified by the Secretariat that funding for watchdogs can be included in a grant.


With eye on transition, a boost to investment in community systems in EECA

4 May 2015
New technical support program will be led by the International HIV/AIDS Alliance - Ukraine

Seeking to bolster local capacity to advocate for resources, implement and monitor programs ahead of countries' graduation from Global Fund eligibility, the International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine will lead a new regional technical assistance project across Eastern Europe and Central Asia.The project will be supported by the Global Fund's Community, Rights and Gender (CRG) Special Initiative and will run through 2017.


Changing the status quo: investing in communities to beat TB

29 Oct 2014

The Global Fund mobilizes and invests some US$4 billion annually to support national responses to AIDS, TB and malaria in nearly 140 countries.


UNAIDS Issues Guidance Tool on Including CSS in Round 10 Proposals

14 Jul 2010

UNAIDS has released a guidance tool on how to include community systems strengthening activities in Global Fund proposals. "Supporting community based responses to AIDS, TB and malaria" is available at http://data.unaids.org/pub/BaseDocument/2010/201007_unaidscss_en.pdf.


Global Fund Releases Comprehensive CSS Framework

14 Jun 2010

When preparing their proposals for Round 10, applicants will need to work closely with community

organisations and actors to identify which community system strengthening interventions need to be funded. This is one of the key messages contained in "Community Systems Strengthening Framework," an 81-page document released by the Global Fund when it released its Round 10 documents on 20 May 2010.


Changes to the TRP Review Criteria

4 May 2010

As mentioned in Article 2, the Global Fund has modified the criteria that are used by the Technical Review Panel (TRP) to review proposals. The changes come into effect immediately, and thus will impact the review of Round 10 proposals.


Benefits of Working With the Global Fund

9 Jul 2004

Simon Mphuka is the Director of Programs for the Churches Health Association of Zambia (CHAZ), a faith-based organization that is one of four Principal Recipients in Zambia.


On the Role of NGOs

18 Feb 2003

[The following statement on "Strengthening Partnerships" was made at the January Board meeting by Milly Katana, board member representing South-NGOs, on behalf of the two NGO delegations and the Communities Living with HIV/TB/Malaria delegation.]

The issue of partnership has been raised here at the meeting on numerous occasions. And for good reason. It is at the core of our credo of "doing business differently".