Global Fund Board Approves Design of New Funding Model

16 Nov 2012
No significant changes from what was proposed by the SIIC
Model will not be fully implemented until 2014

The Global Fund Board has approved a design for the new funding model, though some elements of the design will require further work. The Board has also approved a transition phase for 2013 as a way of testing various elements of the new model. The full model will not likely be rolled out until 2014.


The New Funding Model Will Push LAC Out of the Global Fund’s Portfolio

2 Nov 2012

by Javier Houcade Bellocq


Experts Provide Their Views on the Future of the Global Fund

19 Oct 2012
New online forum launched by CGD

The Global Fund has “missed the point” by jumping directly into the politically very sensitive issue of an allocation model (i.e. how to divide the money). This is the view of Anders Nordström, Ambassador for Global Health at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, as expressed on a new online forum.