Countries whose allocations cover only existing grants must make the money last until end 2017

2 Apr 2014
Funding from the 2017–2019 allocation period won’t be available before 2018
this article contains a correction

The Global Fund is telling countries whose 2014–2016 allocations consisted of only enough money to cover the costs of their existing grants that the money they are receiving has to last until the end of 2017.

The Fund is also telling all countries not to expect to receive any new funding from the 2017-2019 allocation period until the end of 2017.


Global Fund announces country allocations under NFM

19 Mar 2014
Concerns abound about allocation period, transition funding and integration of existing and new money

The Global Fund on 12 March announced the allocation of $14.82 billion dollars across the 123 countries eligible for financial support of activities in at least one disease component, timing the release of a comprehensive list of the amounts available to each country with personalized letters sent directly to country coordinating mechanisms (CCMs).


“Significantly over-allocated” countries see limits on their resources under new funding model’s allocations

19 Mar 2014
These countries will be limited to implementing existing grants through 2016

Countries considered by the Global Fund to be “significantly over-allocated” have seen dramatic reductions in their allocations under the new funding model (NFM), and will be limited to implementing existing grants until the end of 2016.


Aidspan Analysis Reveals Problems with Grant Data Provided by the Global Fund

10 Jul 2013
Problems stem from a complicated, outdated financial reporting system

Until recently, the Global Fund was providing erroneous data for grant agreement amounts and related fields on the grant pages of its website and in the grant data spreadsheets it made available via its website. This problem had apparently persisted for several years. This is the conclusion Aidspan has drawn from an analysis of the Global Fund’s grant data.


Experts Provide Their Views on the Future of the Global Fund

19 Oct 2012
New online forum launched by CGD

The Global Fund has “missed the point” by jumping directly into the politically very sensitive issue of an allocation model (i.e. how to divide the money). This is the view of Anders Nordström, Ambassador for Global Health at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, as expressed on a new online forum.