New report by Kaiser and UNAIDS shows 2017 spike in global funding for HIV

31 Jul 2018
Apparent ‘boost’ due to shift in timing of U.S. disbursements, study finds

Donor government disbursements to combat HIV in low- and middle-income countries increased 16 percent from US$7 billion in 2016 to US$8.1 billion in 2017 – though the higher total stems largely from the timing of U.S.


The Global Fund at the AIDS 2016 conference

20 Jul 2016

There are numerous sessions on Global Fund–related topics at the 21st International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2016) which is being held in Durban, South Africa on 18-22 July 2016.


Fund explores next generation financing models

21 Jan 2016
The Global Fund is co-chairing a working group with the CGD
No commitments have so far been made

The Global Fund is cautiously exploring the idea of introducing one or more next generation financing models. These are models where the basis for payments to implementers is changed from expenses (the way the Fund currently operates) to outputs, outcomes, or impact.


Major focus on sustainability in November funding approvals

7 Dec 2015
Even low-income countries are affected

Sustainability was a prominent theme in the November report of the Grant Approvals Committee to the Board. Ten of the 22 grants recommended for approval had already taken some steps towards sustainability or included measures in their proposed programs. Three of the 10 grants were from low income countries.


Le Fonds mondial opte pour une stratégie de mobilisation des ressources déclinée en trois axes

7 Apr 2015
La prochaine reconstitution des ressources débutera par une réunion préparatoire organisée au Japon en décembre 2015

Le Japon s’est proposé pour organiser en décembre 2015 la réunion préparatoire à la cinquième conférence des donateurs du Fonds mondial, mettant ainsi en exergue l’effort de mobilisation des ressources avant le lancement officiel de la reconstitution des ressources mi-2016.


Global Fund in three-pronged approach to resource mobilization

2 Apr 2015
Next replenishment will kick off with pre-meeting in Japan in December 2015

Japan has volunteered to host a pre-meeting for the Global Fund's 5th replenishment conference, kicking off the major resource mobilization effort in December 2015 ahead of the official launch of replenishment in mid-2016.


"Debt2Health" Initiative Launched by Global Fund

30 Sep 2007

The Global Fund has launched a new "Debt2Health" initiative that could result in substantial finances being received by the Fund. The initiative is a form of "debt conversion", in which Western governments that are owed money by developing countries agree to cancel a portion of the debt on condition that the developing countries in question invest specified lesser amounts of money in Global Fund-approved programmes.


Global Fund Board Agrees on Ambitious New Growth Target

30 Apr 2007

The Global Fund will need to at least triple in size by 2010 -- reaching a spending target of $6 billion per year -- to meet projected demand, the Fund's Board agreed on Friday. Further increased demand from developing countries for Global Fund financing could potentially raise this figure to $8 billion.