Civil society in Malawi elbows its way in to find a seat at the table for HIV policymaking

17 Sep 2014
Participating in country dialogue is a first step -- over many hurdles

Malawi's ability to control the spread of HIV will be undermined by the structural barriers that prevent access to services by key populations: this was the message delivered to stakeholders participating in country dialogue to develop the southern African nation's HIV concept note.


Global Fund Launches Its SOGI Strategy

20 Sep 2010

The Global Fund plans to monitor and publicise cases where funding proposals have been, or might be, rejected due to policy environments where human rights violations are impeding the implementation or impact of interventions against AIDS, TB and malaria. This is one of the highlights of the Global Fund's policy and implementation plan on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SO


OIG Says Current Application Process Impairs Board Decision-Making

24 Jun 2010

The current grant applicationsprocess constrains the Board's ability to set policy and strategy, and to makefunding decisions that meet Global Fund objectives. This is one of the observationsin an audit report issued by the Office of the Inspector General, "TheOIG Review of the Global Fund Grant Application Process." (This is thethird of three articles in this GFO issue on the OIG report.)


Board Decision News Forthcoming

12 Nov 2007



US Withdraws Requirement That Affected Global Fund Grant Recipients

23 May 2005

After receiving protests from some US NGOs and queries from the media, Ambassador Randall Tobias, head of the US's bilateral AIDS program PEPFAR, withdrew a newly-published US requirement which stated that non-governmental recipients of Global Fund grants "must have a policy explicitly opposing prostitution." The requirement was the latest in a steadily escalating set of conditions placed upon recipients of US AIDS grants.