Global Fund’s efforts to improve service quality: successes and challenges

4 May 2017
Initiatives to boost service quality will take time to yield measurable impact at the country level, OIG says

Service quality was one of the five strategic thematic areas that emerged from the work of the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) in 2016, as described in the OIG’s 2016 annual report. Another article in this issue provides a short summary of each theme.


New funding model: a modern approach

28 May 2014

David Garmaise opens his commentary with an accurate observation: He had a misperception. But he arrives at a conclusion that is wrong. The consequences of the new funding model were not, in fact, unanticipated.


Global Fund partners in eastern and southern Africa resolve to undertake robust country dialogue

22 Apr 2014
Delegates commit to implement programs targeting all key affected and populations

Global Fund partners in eastern and southern Africa have resolved to undertake robust country dialogues and advocate for an increase in domestic financing to boost the fight against HIV, tuberculosis and malaria.


Secretariat Issues FAQs on Implementing Recent Board Decisions

11 Feb 2010

The Global Fund recently released a wide-ranging Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document on how to implement decisions made by the Global Fund Board in November 2009 concerning cost-cutting measures and the new grant architecture. The document is entitled "Grant Signing Frequently Asked Questions," though in fact it covers many issues beyond those related to grant signing.


New Global Fund Partnership Strategy Released

18 Dec 2009

The Global Fund's new Partnership Strategy includes an accountability framework to enable the Global Fund and its partners to assess the effectiveness of their partnerships by measuring the ability to deliver results on the ground.

The Global Fund Board approved the new Partnership Strategy at its meeting last month in Addis Ababa.


Skills Building Sessions Generate Some Useful Lessons

5 Jul 2006

A half-day was set aside at this week's Partnership Forum in Durban for skills building. In ten separate small group sessions, participants shared their experiences concerning what was working well. The following is a summary of some of the lessons learned:

Effective implementation of grants:


Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs)

21 Nov 2004

At its June meeting, the board, led by developing-country government members, had rejected proposals by its Governance and Partnership committee that CCMs be "required" (as against merely recommended) to implement certain measures. That decision was strongly objected to at the Fund's Partnership Forum in July.


Weak Donor Support May Result in a Shrinking Global Fund

18 Oct 2004

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria has demonstrated great momentum by launching four funding rounds in just over two years. But despite the recommendations of the Partnership Forum in July, where participants expressed strong support for a launch of Round 5 by early 2005, there now appears to be a reduction of support from several donors, many of whom do not support the launching of a new round in the coming months.


Global Fund Launches Public Awareness Campaign

20 Sep 2004

The Global Fund has launched a campaign in France to raise awareness about the Fund. It will feature advertisements in nearly 40 French magazines and newspapers, on several French television channels, and in the largest network of cinemas in France. By early next year the campaign will extend to Germany, Italy, Japan and the UK.


Global Fund Secretariat Country-by-Country Contact Information

20 Sep 2004

A common complaint overheard by GFO at the Global Fund Partnership Forum and the Bangkok International AIDS Conference in July was that people who have been excluded from their country's CCM process often do not know how to contact the Global Fund, and sometimes do not know how to contact their CCM.

Below are the relevant contacts at the Global Fund Secretariat for each country.