Concerns Raised About Possible Changes to Eligibility and Prioritisation Criteria

16 Apr 2010

Activists in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) have expressed concern that the Global Fund may make changes to its eligibility and prioritisation criteria that may disadvantage lower-middle-income and upper-middle-income countries (LMIC/UMIC), including many in the LAC region.


Global Fund Is In Good Shape to Pay for Round 7

1 Mar 2007

The Global Fund is in better financial shape to cover the anticipated cost of Round 7 grants than it was at this stage with any of the three previous rounds.


The time to start working on Round 7 Proposals is NOW!

14 Dec 2006

In the past, the most common problem faced by applicants to the Global Fund was that the time period between the Fund issuing its "Call for Proposals" and applicants having to submit the completed proposal was not sufficient for all the work that had to be done. Applicants could not start that work early, because they did not know when the Call for Proposals would be issued.


Proposal Approval Rate Improves in Round 6

24 Oct 2006

The Fund's Technical Review Panel (TRP) has completed its assessment of Round 6 proposals, and has recommended that the board approve 85 proposals costing $949 million over the first two years.  This represents 43% of eligible proposals, up from 31% in Round 5.


A breakdown of the Round 2 grants

18 Feb 2003

The following data are obtained primarily from a Secretariat paper to the Board entitled "Report of the Secretariat and the Technical Review Panel on Round 2 Proposals" (Revision 1) and a Secretariat slide show entitled "Summary of Key Findings from Round Two", both dated January 2003.

Regional split of proposals received in Round 2:

(in dollars to be spent over 5 years; 100% = $5.1 b.)


Prof. Michel Kazatchkine, Chair of the Technical Review Panel

23 Jan 2003

The quality of proposals in Round 2 is considerably greater than in Round 1, primarily because applicants had more time to prepare them, said Professor Michel Kazatchkine, Chair of the Technical Review Panel (TRP). "This time, there were far fewer proposals that we had to assign to Category 4, the lowest category.


Funding the Fund

23 Jan 2003

[GFO plans to have a "Funding the Fund" item in every issue of the Newsletter, reporting on the Fund's latest progress in raising the money needed to pay for its grants.]


The Global Fund's financial needs

10 Jan 2003

The Global Fund's Secretariat has calculated that the Fund will need to receive $3 billion in 2003 and $4.9 billion in 2004. (It bases this on its estimates of how many proposals worthy of approval will be received in future rounds.)

Of the two-year $7.9 billion requirement, the total currently pledged to be given to the Fund during those two years (plus the amount left over from 2002) comes only to about $1 billion.