Aidspan publishes guide to the new funding model

6 May 2014

Aidspan in late April published its latest guide: Understanding the New Funding Model, now available for download on the Aidspan website at www.aidspan.org. French, Spanish and Russian editions will be available by 1 June.


Aidspan publications during 2009

19 Jan 2010

To access a full list of Aidspan guides and reports, go to www.aidspan.org/guides and www.aidspan.org/aidspanpublications. Those published during 2009 are as follows:



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New Technical Support Publication by the GTZ BACKUP Initiative

30 Sep 2007

The GTZ BACKUP Initiative has published a guide on where technical support for capacity development of Global Fund recipients is most needed, who is able to provide it, and how to make best use of it.


Aidspan Releases Three Documents to Help Applicants Considering Applying for Round 7

5 Feb 2007

With the Call for Proposals for Round 7 due in less than one month's time, Aidspan has published three documents providing guidance for applicants considering applying in this round. The three documents are:


Aidspan and ICASO Release "An Advocacy Guide on Global Fund Financing"

29 Jun 2005

Aidspan, publisher of GFO, and ICASO (International Council of AIDS Service Organizations) have jointly released "An Advocacy Guide on Global Fund Financing." The purpose of the Guide is to provide advocates and activists in both developing and developed countries with information on the current situation with respect to Global Fund funding, and to suggest advocacy strategies to counter the anticipated shortfall.


"Aidspan Guide to Round 5 Applications to the Global Fund" is Released

27 Mar 2005

"The Aidspan Guide to Round 5 Applications to the Global Fund" has just been published. It is accessible at no charge at www.aidspan.org/guides, where three previous Aidspan Guides are already available.


Useful New Description of the Global Fund

7 May 2003

The Global Fund has just released a Q&A document (dated 7 May) that provides a useful overview of the Fund and its operations. The text, available at www.globalfundatm.org/qa.html, is as follows:

Questions & Answers



From the GFO Editor

10 Jan 2003
  • At the time of writing, the GFO Newsletter has over 2,000 subscribers in over 110 countries, and the GFO Discussion Forum has over 600 subscribers in over 75 countries. Requests have been received to provide the services in French and Spanish; we hope to do so in the future, but at present this is not financially possible.