The Global Fund Should Move Now to Expand the Non-CCM Window

15 Nov 2010

When is the Global Fund finally going to make it easier for Non-CCMs to apply to the Fund to address the needs of vulnerable populations that have been left out of the national response?


How the Round 10 Prioritisation Criteria Might Work

24 Sep 2010

Earlier this year, the Global Fund amended its prioritisation criteria for Round 10, giving less weight to technical merit than under the old criteria. This has led to some misconceptions about how the prioritisation criteria would be used for Round 10. The purpose of this article, therefore, is to explain the facts and provide an example of how proposals might be ranked if the criteria need to be invoked.


Reminder Concerning Some of the New Features of Round 10

24 Jun 2010

This articles summarises someof what's new for Round 10, as an aide to people preparing proposals.

New prioritisation criteria


Additional Funding Will Be Available for Very Strongly Performing Grants

4 May 2010

As mentioned in Article 2, countries with grants rated "A1" will, starting in 2011, be eligible to apply for additional funding to expand service delivery. The funds have to be used for services and strategies already included in the grant.


Concerns Raised About Possible Changes to Eligibility and Prioritisation Criteria

16 Apr 2010

Activists in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) have expressed concern that the Global Fund may make changes to its eligibility and prioritisation criteria that may disadvantage lower-middle-income and upper-middle-income countries (LMIC/UMIC), including many in the LAC region.


Proposal Approval Rate Improves in Round 6

24 Oct 2006

The Fund's Technical Review Panel (TRP) has completed its assessment of Round 6 proposals, and has recommended that the board approve 85 proposals costing $949 million over the first two years.  This represents 43% of eligible proposals, up from 31% in Round 5.


Global Fund Announces Fifth Call for Proposals

27 Mar 2005

The Global Fund announced its Fifth Call for Proposals on March 17, as agreed by the board last November.


Global Fund Secretariat Country-by-Country Contact Information

20 Sep 2004

A common complaint overheard by GFO at the Global Fund Partnership Forum and the Bangkok International AIDS Conference in July was that people who have been excluded from their country's CCM process often do not know how to contact the Global Fund, and sometimes do not know how to contact their CCM.

Below are the relevant contacts at the Global Fund Secretariat for each country.


Round Three Decisions

19 Oct 2003

The following table lists all countries eligible to apply for Global Fund grants. For each country, the table shows the applicant, the components (HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria, or HIV plus TB) for which a Round 3 grant was requested, and the board's decision. Also shown are eligible multi-country applications.

The meanings of Categories 1, 2A, 2B, 3 and 4 are explained at the end of the table.