Aidspan and ICASO Release "An Advocacy Guide on Global Fund Financing"

29 Jun 2005

Aidspan, publisher of GFO, and ICASO (International Council of AIDS Service Organizations) have jointly released "An Advocacy Guide on Global Fund Financing." The purpose of the Guide is to provide advocates and activists in both developing and developed countries with information on the current situation with respect to Global Fund funding, and to suggest advocacy strategies to counter the anticipated shortfall.


Bangkok Satellite Session on CCMs

9 Jul 2004

All those attending the Bangkok International AIDS Conference are invited to a satellite meeting on CCMs.

Title: The Global Fund - How CCMs can be More Effective

Date: Wednesday 14 July 2004, 18:00 to 20:00

Location: Bangkok International AIDS Conference, Conference Room D

Audience: CCM members (actual and potential) from all sectors


It's Time for Commitment

28 Sep 2003

[The following speech was made at the July 16 "International Meeting to Support the Global Fund" by Richard Burzynski, Executive Director of ICASO, the International Council of AIDS Service Organizations]