Fiscal agents reduce financial risks within Global Fund grants but do not build implementer capacity

30 Jul 2019
Concept is sound but ‘model’ could be improved

Fiscal agents have been part of the Global Fund Financial management system in countries with high or moderate fiduciary risks since 2012. According to the Global Fund Guidelines on Financial Risk Management, fiscal agents reduce financial risks originating from weak financial management of principal or sub-recipients of Global Fund grants.


Global Fund Board approves a small 18th batch of grants from 2017-2019 allocations

2 Apr 2019
Egypt, a non-CCM applicant, receives funding for a new TB/HIV grant

On 22 March 2019, the Global Fund Board approved funding for two country grants and supplementary funding for a third –– for a total value of $11.0 million. Interventions worth $4.1 million were added to the Unfunded Quality Demand (UQD) Register. Domestic commitments for the programs included in the approved country grants amounted to $28.5 million. (See Table 1 for details.)


Malawi faces wide-ranging challenges in Global Fund grant implementation

19 Mar 2019
Some relate to Global Fund processes, others to political and economic context

Un nouveau rapport fait état d’améliorations du programme du Fonds mondial du Malawi pour les populations clés et vulnérables, qu’il attribue à la participation communautaire

22 Jan 2019
Il reste des difficultés au niveau du suivi communautaire efficace de la mise en œuvre des subventions

Un nouveau rapport du Conseil international des ONG de lutte contre le sida (ICASO) révèle que le programme du Fonds mondial du Malawi s’est amélioré à différents égards au cours du cycle de financement 2017/2019.


New report finds improvements in Malawi’s Global Fund program for key and vulnerable populations, credits community engagement

14 Jan 2019
Challenges persist in achieving effective community monitoring of grant implementation

A new report from the International Council of AIDS Service Organizations (ICASO) finds that Malawi’s Global Fund program improved in a number of ways during the 2017-2019 funding cycle. The total funding requested for key and vulnerable populations rose dramatically, and service packages for these groups were defined in greater detail.


Independent research in Eastern and Southern Africa identifies opportunities to improve effectiveness of Global Fund processes

10 Dec 2018
'Synthesis report' focuses on grants in Malawi, Tanzania and Zimbabwe

Selon les résultats d’une étude d’Aidspan, les pays pourraient améliorer l’utilisation des données pour assurer une mise en œuvre plus efficace des subventions

11 Jul 2018
Différences constatées entre l’utilisation des données par les maîtres d’œuvre étatiques et non étatiques

Countries could improve data use to inform more effective grant implementation, Aidspan study finds

2 Jul 2018
Difference found between state and non-state implementers’ use of data

A new report published by Aidspan suggests that countries may not be using data optimally to inform grant implementation. Implementers of Global Fund grants collect and use data for several different purposes, depending on the type of implementer. State Principal Recipients collect data to measure strategic impact, whereas non-state implementers appear to collect data mainly to meet reporting requirements. 


Fluctuations monétaires : comment le Fonds mondial et les récipiendaires principaux gèrent le risque

20 Jun 2018
Dans les pays confrontés à la volatilité monétaire, différentes approches sont adoptées pour protéger les achats

Les fluctuations monétaires constituent une préoccupation importante pour les parties prenantes du Fonds mondial, notamment les pays bénéficiaires dont la monnaie peut connaître des variations significatives sur des périodes relativement courtes. La force du dollar US et de l’euro ces dernières années a encore aggravé le problème pour de nombreux pays.


Currency fluctuations: How the Global Fund and PRs manage risk

12 Jun 2018
In countries with currency volatility, various approaches are used to protect procurement

Currency fluctuations are a major concern for Global Fund stakeholders, particularly recipient countries whose domestic currency can experience significant shifts over relatively short periods of time. The strength of both the US dollar and the Euro in recent years has further exacerbated this issue for many countries.