Interview questions for candidates

30 Jan 2003

Two likely candidates for Chair of the Global Fund emerged in the course of yesterday. One is Tommy Thompson, head of the US delegation and US Secretary of Health and Human Services. The other is Lennarth Hjelmåker, head of the Swedish delegation, Director of the Department for Global Development at Sweden's Ministry for Foreign Affairs, and Deputy Director General of SIDA. (As reported in Issue 4, Dr.


The US President's speech and the Global Fund

30 Jan 2003

President Bush uttered some remarkable words about AIDS in his State of the Union address on Tuesday evening - more decisive and action-oriented words than we've heard from any US President while in office. Bush acknowledged the severity of the crisis; he said the US should play the leading role in tackling it; and he accepted the need for widespread treatment programmes.


From the GFO Editor

23 Jan 2003