Russia may struggle to sustain results achieved in its last Global Fund HIV grant

17 Sep 2018
Not eligible for Global Fund funding since 2016, Russia may regain eligibility for next allocation period and benefit from 'NGO Rule'

The region of Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA) is the only region in the world where the HIV epidemic continues to grow, and Russia could be considered a driving force of the epidemic in the region.

В России ведется отбор суб-реципиентов гранта по ВИЧ

22 Jun 2015
26 суб-реципиентов будут отобраны для осущуствления программы стоимостью в 11 миллионов долларов США

Открытый Институт Здоровья (ОИЗ) близок к отбору 26 суб-реципиентов для имплементации мероприятий в пределах гранта по ВИЧ, стоимостью в11 млн. долларов США, выделенных России в рамках новой модели финансирования. Имплементация мероприятий, конкретно направленных на ключевые группы населения, должна начаться в Июле, вслед за завершением отбора.


Sub-recipient selection in Russia underway for HIV grant

17 Jun 2015
A total of 26 sub-recipients will be selected to carry out the $11-million program

The Open Health Institute (OHI) is close to choosing the 26 sub-recipients to implement activities under the $11-million HIV grant awarded to Russia under the new funding model. Implementation of activities specifically targeting key populations should begin in July following their selection.


Hard choices in Russia as the final HIV grant proposal is submitted

18 Sep 2014
Stakeholders grappling with priorities: services or advocacy?

The concept note delivered on 8 September for Russia's last HIV grant from the Global Fund was a perfect illustration of the conundrum facing a growing number of Eastern European/Central Asian countries: how to do more with less to fight a widening HIV epidemic.


Russia's harm reduction programs threatened by want of funds

16 Sep 2014
Smaller Global Fund grants force changes to program priorities

For activists who hand out clean syringes and HIV tests outside a shop in northern Moscow,  the reaction from some of the area's users of injected drugs has become routine: they avert their eyes, either in fear or shame, and quicken their steps to get out of sight.


Russia in transition from recipient to donor of Global Fund grants

6 Feb 2014
Civil society groups look for other resources to fill anticipated vacuum in program support

Russia has announced its pledge to commit $60 million to the Global Fund’s fourth replenishment cycle ahead of the anticipated end in 2014 of all Global Fund grants to the country.


Board Approves COS Request from Russia, Amidst Concerns about Stockouts

8 Oct 2010

On 1 September 2010, the Global Fund Board approved a continuity of services (COS) application from the Russian Federation for a Round 4 HIV grant, in the amount of $16,623,895, for the period from 1 September 2010 to 31 August 2011.